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Rackspace Open Source Hackfest at Austin Capital Factory

“The first time I set up this application with a normal web host it took days and many support calls to get things working.  This took less than an hour and a few clicks before I was up and running.”  -- Samin "Huck" Huque, Senior MIS major

On September 14th, Clint Tuttle (Lecturer in IROM) and Samin Huque (aka Huck), a Senior MIS major, attended the Rackspace Hackfest, an all day event hosted at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin.  The purpose was to simply have fun and learn. Rackspace hosted this free event for anyone who was interested. Their goal was to present different Open Source tools and Rackspace’s Open Stack, which allows for quick deployments on the cloud. Clint and Huck had no major requirements in mind so the goals were simple--explore and build something.   

"Ever since coming to UT I have been ingrained with the love of entrepreneurship and startups. I have volunteered for events such as Idea 2 Project and Texas Venture Labs so learning about emerging technologies is very important to me as it can be integral to helping enable my ideas into actual projects. I was able to set up a remote Ubuntu server in a relatively short period of time which was awesome. Most of the day I was learning about what the Open Stack offering by Rackspace is about, and then I tried to do a small hello world project using a Python tutorial that they had recommended." -Huck

Lecturer Clint Tuttle and Samin "Huck" Huque at Hackfest

With the help of a few “Rackers” (a nickname given to Rackpsace employees), Clint and Huck launched a load balanced Ubuntu server with a MySQL backend in about 5 minutes.  Once the server was configured Clint wrote his first program in Python and then they set out to play a little more. The tinkering team decided to test how easy it would be to launch an existing web app on Rackspace’s cloud.  Before the end of the day, Clint and Huck had a PHP Codeigniter application launched on Rackspace and working. 



NOTE: Clint is pointing at the 4 servers he launched on the cloud.