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  • Doug Dierking

    "A strong culture and an effective 'psychological contract' can elicit the highest performance and retention of top talent."

    Doug Dierking
    Assistant Department Chair in Management
    Teaches Building Engagement

  • Janet Dukerich

    "The students in my negotiations class quickly begin to see how their assumptions constrain their behavior."

    Janet Dukerich
    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Teaches The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation

  • Eric Hirst

    "There are no free lunches. Thoughtful and complete analysis of performance is not 'old-fashioned.' It's 'old school' common sense."

    Eric Hirst
    Associate Dean of MBA Programs
    Teaches Accounting and Finance

Open Enrollment Programs


  • Individuals
    For executives, professionals, new leaders and small business owners

  • Organizations
    For teams of managers with common developmental needs in specific areas.

Effective Two-Day Training Programs

    Recent economic changes have challenged you to:
  • Lead with limited resources while keeping your organization's core strength intact
  • Expand or change your and your team's responsibilities
  • Prepare your team with the knowledge and skills to effectively take on new roles
    Your time is valuable so take advantage of our efficient two-day programs to:
  • Gain new knowledge from our top-ranked faculty, whose solutions combine real-world examples and research theories
  • Discover strategies and concepts for growth and innovation while collaborating with your industry peers
  • Return to your organization refreshed with tools you can apply immediately into action


Project Management

Select from three courses that will guide you through developing a business case, planning a successful project, and managing project execution. Learn more.

Supply Chain Management

Each program focuses on a different aspect of supply chain management; strategy, risk, procurement and sourcing, sales, operations planning and logistics. Learn more.

Managing Organizational Change and Strategic Planning 

These three areas of study will improve your ability to strategize and lead your organization through uncertain times. Learn more.

Managing People and Leading Teams 

Enhance your communication skills, learn to persuade, and keep your colleagues energized and cooperating. These five programs are created for the manager who always sees room to improve teamwork vwithin his or her organization. Learn more.  

Marketing Strategy and Market Dynamics

In these four hands-on workshops you will learn new and effective tools for building consistent and effective marketing campaigns. Whether you're a small business entrepreneur or seasoned executive, these courses add tremendous value. Learn more.

Accounting and Finance

We have created three sophisticated accounting programs designed specifically for non-financial managers. Through this curriculum you will become conversant in the language of business. Learn more.


These eight programs represent the primary fields of study in the ever-changing energy industry. Choose from courses that focus on valuation, risk analysis, technology, finance, policy, ethics, accounting and the energy value chain.  Learn more.