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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Learning Environment

McCombs is recognized for its collaborative environment. Before classes even begin, students connect in MBA Orientation through Cohort Olympics--an activity encouraging bonding and healthy competition, as well as various other social and academic events. During the school year, you'll connect with students from all over the U.S. and the world, enriching your perspectives on business and the world in general with the experiences of your classmates prior to joining the program.

Cohort System

The cohort system provides you with a sense of cohesiveness and identity within the MBA program, your class, and among your fellow MBA students. McCombs' unique system is designed to foster opportunities to build teamwork and leadership skills through the instruction given in the MBA core classes. Upon matriculation, your class will be divided and assigned to a cohort of about 65 students, with attention given to balance and diversity across and within each cohort.

The design of cohorts takes into account a wide variety of factors to ensure that you benefit directly from the incredibly diverse backgrounds of your fellow Texas MBA students and to foster interactions with as many cultural, professional, academic, and social backgrounds as possible. Each cohort is established based on a computer program that sorts for such items as undergraduate degree, type of previous employment, home country and home state, gender, and proposed area of concentration.

You will participate in each of your required core courses with your cohort. This common educational experience is designed to imbue all of our MBAs with an appreciation for different approaches to the same problem while endowing you with a competitive, rock-solid foundation for general management capabilities in business, regardless of your subsequent concentrations or earlier career paths.

Within the first two weeks of each fall semester, each cohort will elect two representatives who express the interest and concerns of their cohort to the Graduate Business Council by serving as delegates for the entire second-year program. Each cohort will also be served by an academic advisor and career counselor throughout the entire program.

Study Teams

An integral part of the first-year learning experience will be your assignment to your study team by the MBA Program Office. These teams facilitate cross-functional and cooperative problem-solving experiences. Study teams are usually comprised of four to six students who bring together a wealth of interdisciplinary talent and experience with numerous industries, economies, and nationalities. The criteria for the study team grouping take into account individual strengths and weaknesses, undergraduate institution, home state, home country, and gender. You are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to share background experiences, to support individual members, to use and expand the team's capabilities, and to extend this professional network of valued colleagues.