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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Texas MBA Student Investment Funds

MBA Investment Fund

The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C. is the first legally constituted, private investment company to be managed by students. The Fund is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the State of Texas. It was created in 1994 to enable MBA students at McCombs to obtain real world experience in the process of managing investment portfolios and in developing relationships with clients. The Fund has about 60 investors and $13.5 million under management in three different investment products: a growth-oriented equity portfolio and a value-oriented equity portfolio, which are managed for individual and institutional clients, and an endowment portfolio, which supports the activities of the AIM Investment Center.

Real Estate Investment Trust Fund

The McCombs Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Fund is a student-managed investment fund based on the MBA Investment Fund but distinct in that it invests solely in U.S.-based REITs. MBA students, with the help of undergraduates in the Business Honors Program who act as the MBA’s "analysts," will value pairs of REITs in an industry sector (e.g. office, retail, industrial, etc.). Following this analysis, the students present their findings and resulting recommendation to show how the Fund should invest. The REIT Fund offers students a unique opportunity to learn principles of investing, the nuances of REIT structure and operations, as well as a further education into the fundamentals that drive real estate investing. The REIT Fund is led by Professor Greg Hallman and Professor Sheridan Titman, both highly regarded professors in the MBA program.