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Student Organizations | CTBAC
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    CTBAC was created to represent students on tuition and budget issues

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    by being a source of information and the voice of students to the McCombs administration.

Partner Organizations

Senate of College Councils

About Senate

Since 1973, the Senate has served as the official voice for students in academic affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. As one of three Legislative Student Organizations at the university, Senate works to represent the needs, concerns and opinions of students through the 20 College Councils. The Senate of College Councils is jointly sponsored by the university's provost and Vice President for Student Affairs.

Senate's Role in CTBAC

Senate serves as the umbrella organization for all of the college councils and their respective CTBACs. The McCombs CTBAC reports back to Senate and the other college councils through monthly CTBAC round tables.

Visit Senate's Website


Undergraduate Business Council

About UBC

The Undergraduate Business Council is the umbrella organization for all McCombs organizations and the representative voice of all students in McCombs to the Legislative Student Organizations. UBC also serves as the voice of business students to the administration of McCombs. 

UBC's role in CTBAC

The president of UBC serves as one of the co-chairs of the McCombs CTBAC. CTBAC also provides updates to students through UBC members and UBC weekly meetings. Finally, CTBAC works with the elected representatives in UBC to organize town halls related to tuition and budget issues.

Visit UBC's Website

MPA Council

About MPA Council

MPA Council serves as the umbrella organization for all traditional, integrated, and Econ-MPA students. It works to bring students together to build a spirit of community. MPAC also represents these students in the Senate of College Councils.

MPA Council's Role in CTBAC

The president of MPA Council serves as a member of CTBAC, along with two other MPA students. These representatives are responsible for representing all MPA students to the administration throughout the tuition- and budget-setting process. 

Visit MPA Council's Website

Student Government

About Student Government

The mission of Student Government is to represent the interests of students on non-academic issues, to preserve and protect the traditions and legends of the University, and to support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.

Student Government's Role in CTBAC

Student Government will have one representative who serves as a member of CTBAC. This representative will be one of the elected McCombs representatives and will advise CTBAC on issues related to the work of Student Government.

Visit Student Government's Website