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How and What to Post

Posting to your Facebook page is really easy, but you want to be sure you're sharing the right content. Engage your audience with entertaining links, and provide useful information as well. Remember: YOU are the face of McCombs!

What do I post?

At the top of your timeline is a box that says Post. That's where you share things that will get your audience involved. Each post should contain a link and some fun, attention-grabbing text to go with it.


  • Write three or four lines of text describing what the link is all about.
  • Use this opportunity to let your personality come through. Sure, it's part of your job, but it can still be fun.
  • Think about the kinds of posts YOU like to click on when you're hanging out on Facebook. What makes them interesting?
  • Ask questions, take polls, encourage participation!
    Ex. "What's your favorite study spot at McCombs?"
    Ex. "Future talk: what's your life going to look like in four years? Let's hear about your dream job!"


  • Images - Share things like photos of recent McCombs events or new campus additions. If your department sponsored a trip to Paris, let's see that group shot under the Eiffel Tower!
  • Videos - Social media users LOVE video content. You can post videos of a recent seminar or speaker, a message from the dean, or even just something fun and education-related. Don't post long videos! Research shows that three minutes is the magic number.
  • Articles - Make sure you post relevant, up-to-date articles that aren't too long. Unless you're specifically promoting in-depth research, avoid long PDF files!

Pro tip!

Once you paste the link to your content in the field, it should appear below. Once it appears, you can delete the URL link and the content will remain. This keeps your updates looking clean and compact.

Post Frequency

There is such a thing as posting too many times a day. Avoid this! A good rule of thumb is to post one-to-three times a day.