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Online Giving URL Hooks

We have recently migrated our online giving to a new interface. Because of this, the current give links on your websites are now being redirected to the new page. We strongly suggest that you rewrite your existing links so they point to the new give page.

With the new system, instead of simply directing users to a generic give page, you can drill down to specifics. With just one click you can send your audience to a specific fund, autofill the amount, the frequency and the duration as well as many other options, just by properly building out the URL.

Your give campaigns can be twice as effective through autofilled forms.

Just follow the following steps to build out the URLs.

 URL Hooks Breakdown

URL Hooks
Hook Description
Menu or menu1 First gift area:
Where you define who gets the gift (ex. Department of Finance= GRFN)
Amount or amount1 First gift area donation amount
How much you want the default amount to be set to (ex. & amount=20.00)
Menu2, menu3 Subsequent gift areas:
If you want to donate to different areas at the same time, you can define these menus with the department subcode.
Amount 2, amount 3 Subsequent donation amount
How much you want the default amount to be set to (ex. & amount=20.00)
Type Type of gift: Onetime, recurring, future, sustaining
Frequency How often pledge payments happen : monthly, annually
Duration Duration of pledge: monthly (2 - 59), annual (2-5)
eid UT EID without requiring authentication
source Response code
recog (H)onorary, (M)emorial
If it is a honorary or memorial gift, type in H or M.
recogname Name associated with Recognition Type
Name of the Honoree
comments Optional Comment

How to Write a URL Hook for your Online Giving Page

Following these instructions will help you create auto-filled donation forms to steer your users to give specific amounts. With these guidelines you are able to construct your specific give form URL to very precise specifications. You might not need to specify every single item on the form, but here we show you how to choose which fields you do want to have auto-filled.

  • The URL will always begin with the following:
  • Your hook begins with the word: menu.
  • If there is only one place where you wish to direct your users, it will be written as: menu
  • If you are going to have multiple funds prepopulated then you want to start with menu1, you will then be able to have build outs for menu2 and menu3 if you so choose…but let’s keep it simple for now and just do 1 prepopulated drill-down URL at a time.

Fund Code

  • After each menu tag you will have an equals sign. The equals sign (=) in the URL drill-down the location. MENU = Fund Code.
  • Next you write the fund code. There is a corresponding code for each department or scholarship to which someone might donate. For instance, if you are creating a donation form for the AIM Investment Center, the code would be: GRAI
  • Now you have the option of stopping here or to prepopulate your give form further.
  • Before each further add on for the URL, you need to use the “&” symbol. For instance, let’s say I want to give to the Department of Kittens & I want it to be a sustaining gift & I want it to be $20…the “&” will denote each subsequent detail.
  • Now let’s talk about some more details and more optional hooks for your url.

Type of gift

  • You can choose from four types of gifts: one time, recurring, future, sustaining.
  • In your URL build you would type &type=onetime or &type=recurring etc…

Frequency of gift

  • You can choose from monthly or annual.
  • To add a specific frequency you add the tag &frequency=annual or &frequency=monthly to your URL.

Duration of gift

  • You can choose how many months or how many years you want the gift to be made.
  • To do this you add the tag &duration=2 (if you chose &frequency=monthly this would mean it would last 2 months)

Amount of gift

  • You can then specify the amount of the donation with the word: amount
  • If the donation amount is $50, then type: &amount=50.00

Recognition for gift

  • You can give a gift in recognition of another person.
  • It can be an honorary or memorial gift.
  • To specify which type add this element to your URL: &recog= H(honorary) or &recog= M (memorial)
  • If you want people to give in recognition of someone else you will want to share their name.
  • To do this type &recogname=John%20Doe
  • The %20 is equivalent to a space for the search engine crawlers and is required for prepopulating to read as 2 separate words.


  • If you are sending direct mail to individuals and would like to prepopulate their EID to make it easier for them you can do that by adding the EID tag.
  • Simply adding the tag &eid=miller345 (or whatever their EID is)
  • If you use this tag make sure the emails you send are secure and are sent to the specific individual.


  • You can even add your own comments to the prepopulated form.
  • Say for instance you want to make sure each person who signs up acknowledges that this is a corporate gift.
  • You would add the tag &comments=corporate%20gift.
  • These comments can be as long as you want but keep in mind, the longer you want it to be, the longer your url will be.
  • For instance...your comment is This is for a Legacy Gift then &comment=this20%is20%for20%a20%legacy20%gift.
  • Don't forget the 20%. They are your spaces.

Tracking your gift

  • For a specific campaign, the tower can give you a unique code to better track your gifts.
  • To include your tracking code simply include the tag &source=yourcode
  • You will need to get this code from the tower but it can be very useful for tracking giving-push campaigns.

Multiple gifts at a time

  • As we mentioned earlier, you can have multiple gifts prepopulated through one URL (up to 3)
  • To do this you need to make sure you use the format:
  • See how the amount number follows the corresponding menu number?
  • You can build out further drill-downs but make sure each one of them starts with a numbered menu.


Confused KittenDo I have to fill out every hook?
No. Only fill out what you would like to be autofilled for your donors.

Do I have to list the hooks in that exact order?
There is no order to listing the hooks, but we would suggest establishing an order. It helps maintain uniformity for each link you make and reduces confusion when you revisit your hooks later.

I can't find a code for a specific scholarship/department.
Please contact the Giving Office.

How long can the optional comment be?
As long as you'd like! Word of caution: the longer the comment is, the longer your URL will be, and shorter URLs are generally preferable. 

Best Practices

  • Winning Guinea PigTo maintain uniformity and reduce confusion, write each URL in a particular order.
  • After writing out your URL, test it to make sure each hook is working properly.


Example 1: BHP Giving

Objective: Direct users to donate a one-time gift to the McCombs School of Business, Business Honors Program. We want the form to automatically fill in a donation amount of $20.00.

The URL should be:

Example 2: AIM Investment Center

Objective: Direct users to donate a recurring gift of $10.00 per month for 10 months. We want the form to automatically reflect these variables.

The URL should be:

*Note: the amount is the total amount you want donated. Because it is $10.00 for 10 months, the amount total is $100.00

Example 3: MPA Program

Objective: Direct users to donate a sustaining pledge of $50.00 each year to the MPA Program. You also want them to donate in honor of John Doe.

The URL should be:

Fund Codes

Fund codes
Fund code Department/Scholarship


Area of Greatest Need


40 Acres Scholarship - Kozmetsky


AIM Investment Center


Accounting Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund


Accounting Centennial Excellence Fund


Accounting Centennial Gala


Accounting Centennial Scholarship Fund


Accounting, Dept of


Alumni Annual Fund


Andrew and Veronika Whinston Endowed Professorship


BBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund


BBA Career Services


BBA Legacy


Center for Energy Finance Education and Research (CEFER)


Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research


Christopher Cornett Scholarship for Excellence in Business


Deloitte & Touche Accounting Endowed Excellence Fund


Deloitte Classroom Fund


EMBA Legacy


Energy Management and Innovation Center


Ernst & Young Accounting Endowed Excellence Fund


Executive Education


ExxonMobil Employee Endowed Excellence Fund


Faculty Support


Finance Scholarships


Finance, Dept of


Ford Career Center


Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship


Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center for Private Equity Finance


IROM Scholarships


Information, Risk, & Operations Management, Dept of


International - Ctr. for Intl Business Educ & Rsrch


KPMG Accounting Endowed Excellence Fund    


Larry Jones Deloitte Foundation Fellowship


MBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund


MBA Executive Program


BBA Program


BBA Scholarships


BBA Student Organization & Leadership


BBA Study Abroad


BHP 40 Acres Scholarship


BHP Excellence Fund in Business Education


BHP Make a Mark Scholarship


Business Foundations Program


Business Honors Program


Business, Government & Society, Dept of


MBA Legacy 2011


MBA Legacy 2012


MBA Program


MBA Scholarships


MBA, Dallas Evening Program


MBA, Houston Evening Program


MBA, Mexico City Program


MBA, Texas Evening Program


MPA Legacy


MPA Program


MPA Scholarships


Management Scholarships


Management, Dept of


Marketing Scholarships


Marketing, Dept of


Master of Science in Technology Commercialization


McCombs Social Enterprise Fund


PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting Endowed Excellence Fund


PwC/Lauren C. Huddleston Memorial Endowment


Real Estate Finance and Investment Center


Students Hooked on Texas - Business


Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence


TEMBA Legacy


Undergraduate Business Council


Venture Labs


William H. Cunningham Endowed Excellence Fund in Marketing


William W. and Ruth F. Cooper Fellowship