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Web Writing Videos


You might see a page you worked on used as an example of a page that needs work. 

Please don't take it personally!

Many of our content creators haven't had the resources, time, or help they need to research and maintain best practices for web writing. 

That's why this class exists.

Welcome to the Writing for the Web Class!

These videos cover:

  • How people read on the web
  • How to think about what content your site needs
  • Best practices for how to write and structure the content on your page
  • How to maintain and edit your existing content
You can watch the whole class at once (about 35 minutes) in the embedded player. You can also jump to specific videos from the thumbnails below.

Watch the whole class

Watch individual videos

1. How web writing is different

How Web Writing is Different

2. Visualizing a website

Website as File Cabinet vs. Telephone

3. What to think about first

First Things to Think About

4. Different types of pages

What kind of page are you creating?

5. Preparing to write

Before You Start Writing

6. Writing headings

Writing Headings

7. Using a conversational style

Conversational Writing

8. Avoiding passive voice

Avoiding passive voice

9. Keeping your writing short

Writing Short Paragraphs

10. Using lists effectively

 Writing lists

11. Maintaining your pages

On maintaining pages

12. Recap and final thoughts

Recap of the class