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Hall of Fame Nominations


Please send a letter of nomination and the complete mailing address and phone number of the nominee to:

Jeannie Boylan

512-471-8881 (direct line)
512-471-0622 (fax)

Office of the Dean
McCombs School of Business
1 University Station, B6000
Austin, TX 78712

Selection Committee

A selection committee considers each year’s nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame. The 2014-2015 committee members are:

    • John Allison 
    • Lew Brazelton
    • John S. Butler
    • Tom Gilligan - Ex-officio
    • Linda Golden
    • Michael Granof
    • Red McCombs - Ex-officio
    • Jeff Melton - Ex-officio
    • Ramesh Rao - Chair
    • Tom Sager

Nomination Process

To be eligible for the 2014-15 award, nominations must be received by February 26, 2015. Nominations received after this date will be considered for the 2014-15 selection. All nominations will remain active for a period of three years. This honor is extended annually to individuals who display exceptional service to education and human betterment and for distinguished contributions to the university and the business community.


    • Demonstrated outstanding contributions to human betterment and to society in general by their exemplary human, civic, educational and philanthropic activities.
    • Demonstrated outstanding professional contributions to the business community.
    • Be an alumnus/alumna, ex-student, former McCombs School faculty and/or a truly outstanding and long-term supporter of the McCombs School or The University of Texas at Austin.
    • Demonstrated high personal traits of morality, integrity and citizenship.
    • Demonstrated effective and long-time leadership role.
    • Possess a high level of competence, accomplishment and expertise in at least one area.
    • Demonstrated originality and creativity over a reasonable period of time.
    • Demonstrated concern and contribution to broadly based social causes with a strong people orientation.
    • Established a positive overall citizenship role over an extended period of time.

Page last updated: 11/18/2014