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Learning Environment

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Thinking Independently, Together

Video about our Learning Environment Your Texas MBA is so much more than a graduate degree. It’s an experience— a once-in-a-lifetime journey that begins in Dallas-Ft. Worth and sends you to the heights of your career (and to the far corners of the globe).

You’ll take this journey alongside classmates from every imaginable background—their unique perspectives melding with yours to create true innovation. And every day at your office, you’ll apply your newfound business wisdom to solve real challenges. The result? Priceless memories and endless professional potential.

Culture, Cohorts, and Classmates

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The collaborative and dynamic culture of the Texas MBA Program is by design. We’re committed to delivering you a world-class business education that is grounded in open dialogue and teamwork. As your career grows and evolves, you’ll be equipped with an array of diverse perspectives and insights. 


Before your first day, you will be carefully placed into a cohort—i.e., a team of your classmates with whom you’ll navigate your first year. You’ll study, challenge, and support each other throughout. To ensure you get the most out of your cohort experience, we will ensure each cohort represents a variety of cultural and geographic backgrounds, business concentrations, employment histories, and genders.

Study Groups

You’ll also be teamed up with 4-6 classmates in your first year. Your study group will tackle a series of business challenges and problem-solving experiences. Like the cohort system, you’ll be placed into a study group that comprises an array of backgrounds, interests, and ambitions. You’ll challenge yourself and each other—and the results will amaze.

City & Campus

Centrum Building DFW.
You’ll take your classes at The Centrum—a modern facility in Uptown Dallas with classrooms, study areas, dining, and parking nestled in the heart of DFW, connecting you directly to the wider business community. It’s an ideal environment for innovation and team collaboration.


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Class is only half the fun. The other half is bonding with your classmates and exploring the fascinating (and enormous!) city of Dallas, Texas. That’s why, as part of the Residency Program, you will stay in Dallas on class weekends for the entire first semester.

Alumni report that this is an invaluable part of the Texas MBA experience—a chance to forge a powerful new network of colleagues while taking in the modern, metropolitan culture of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The official Texas MBA residence is Marriott Uptown Dallas—a beautiful hotel just moments from campus.

The Wisdom of Working

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You’re here because you want more for your career. So do we. And that’s why we’ve designed your Texas MBA experience to have an immediate impact on your current job. In class, you’ll learn practical, proven tactics for solving the very same challenges you encounter everyday in the office. And in the office, you’ll witness firsthand the real-world impact of a world-class business education.