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Texas MBA | Texas MBA at Dallas/Fort Worth

Meet Our Texas MBA at Dallas/Fort Worth Students

Students in the Texas MBA at Dallas/Fort Worth Program are a motivated group of accomplished professionals that value the quality of the experience over simply adding a credential to their resume. They're seeking a flexible path to an MBA that will give them the knowledge and expertise necessary to become leaders in their industry. Get to know them through the profiles below and find out what it is like to be a Texas MBA student at McCombs.

Explore a sample of our Texas MBA at Dallas/Fort Worth class by clicking on one of the photos to the left.

Nicholas Lindsay,
MBA '16

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Current Job: Manager of Dragon Development, SpaceX
Undergrad: Aerospace Engineering, United States Naval Academy

Why McCombs:
"I chose McCombs because the DFW MBA program had a reputation for providing students with practical knowledge that they can take directly to the workplace. It has been incredibly rewarding to apply what I learn at school over the weekend to real problems my team faces the following week."

Joseph Keys,
MBA '17

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Job: Project Manager, PepsiCo
Undergrad Degree: Management Information Systems, University of Minnesota

Why McCombs:
“I believe UT Austin's brand is one of the best in the industry. No matter where I take my career, I know my McCombs MBA will be recognized with high regard. I also wanted my MBA peers to be fellow working professionals so that we could benefit from our collective experiences throughout our MBA journey."

Rasheeda Archibald,
MBA '17

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Current Job: Ratings Specialist, Standard & Poor's
Undergrad Degree: Finance & Investment, City University of New York

Why McCombs?
“I chose McCombs because of its reputation for academic excellence and flexibility in earning a top-notch MBA while working full-time. McCombs has provided me the opportunity to be challenged in a diverse learning environment with peers who have experience from varying backgrounds and industries."

Jennifer Wimmer,
MBA '17

Hometown: Zionsville, Indiana

Current Job: External Foundry Operations, Texas Instruments
Undergrad Degree: Finance & Business Economics, Indiana University

Why McCombs?
“I chose McCombs because of the people and the program; both felt like home to me. I wanted a fast-paced program that would challenge and develop me, but I also wanted to be surrounded by hard-working, motivating people; I knew McCombs would afford me both."

Laura Gram,
MBA '17

Hometown: Aurora, Ohio
Current Job: Manager of Distribution, Panning & Logistics, Lennox International, Inc.

Undergrad Degree: Transportation & Logistics, Ohio State University

Why McCombs?
“I chose McCombs because I wanted a program that offered a part-time schedule that would allow me to continue my current career progression, a comprehensive program that would grow and develop my knowledge and skills, and the opportunity to network and collaborate with my peers in and out of the classroom."

Atul Dhuria,
MBA '16

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Current Job: Systems Engineer Consultant, The Boeing Company
Undergrad Degree: Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics, University of Minnesota

Why McCombs?
"The Texas MBA at DFW program allowed me to continue working and remain in Dallas while earning an MBA from a top MBA program. The connections with current and former McCombs students, along with the strong brand recognition across the world, made my choice even easier since it allowed me to expand my career to areas outside of Dallas and Texas."

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Kimmich,
MBA '17

Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia
Current Job: US Army
Undergrad Degree: Civil Engineering, Vanderbilt University
"As an active duty Army Officer with almost 20 years of service, the McCombs MBA in Dallas/Fort Worth afforded me an excellent opportunity to maintain my commitment to my full-time job in the Army, while also planning for the future. The McCombs MBA provides a unique transition opportunity as I look forward to a new career in the private sector."

Katie Burns,
MBA '16

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Current Job: Manger, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Undergrad Degree: Finance, University of Notre Dame

Why McCombs?
"I chose to pursue the part-time MBA from McCombs because it would allow me to build upon my industry-specific consulting knowledge and pair it with broader, private industry knowledge gained through the classroom, case studies, and the experiences of my classmates for the benefit of my clients immediately versus waiting until graduation."

Sherry Kneip,
MBA '17

Hometown: Chongqing, China
Current Job:
Product Control, Goldman Sachs
Undergrad Degree:
Accounting & Finance, Drake University

"I chose McCombs because it provides a quality education, tremendous networking resources, and a flexible schedule that enables me to continue my professional career in Dallas. The McCombs MBA program offers a good mix of theory and practical application, which encourages students to exchange start-up ideas and to work on entrepreneurial ventures."