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Texas MBA | Executive MBA Program

Learning Environment

The Texas MBA Program is recognized for its collaborative environment. Before classes even begin, students connect at their Executive Seminar, and during the school year, you'll connect with your classmates on a plethora of projects as well as travel with them on a Global Study Tour

Campus Location

We are pleased to offer the Texas Executive MBA Program at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center located on The University of Texas at Austin campus just a block from the McCombs School of Business. This best-in-class facility offers a comfortable and convenient environment, which provides all the technological functionality you would expect in a high-productivity workplace. A few steps away from your classroom, you'll have access to breakout rooms for group work, the three restaurants inside the center, and a beautiful courtyard where networking and studying often take place.

Cohort System and Study Groups

By taking all classes together as a cohort, you are able to draw on the complementary cultural, professional, and social backgrounds of your classmates. An integral part of the overall experience is the assignment to a study group of four to six students during the first Executive Seminar. These teams facilitate cross-functional and cooperative problem solving, while bringing together managers from a diverse mixture of backgrounds, functional expertise, cultures, undergraduate education, and industry expertise. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to learn as much from each other as from their coursework and professors. Groups are assigned by the Program Office for the first semester and students can change groups and self-select for the remainder of the semesters.

Mentor Program

The intent of the mentor program is to foster relationships between classes by providing incoming students with a current student contact they can seek for questions, guidance and advice regarding their first year in the MBA journey. All students will be assigned a peer mentor prior to the first Executive Seminar. Mentors are encouraged to contact their mentees and student pairs are encouraged to meet as needed during the year and hopefully beyond as alums.