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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program


The CleanTech concentration prepares you for a career in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions abatement. This field is one of the fastest growing employment areas for MBAs. Clean technology companies are seeking MBAs who not only have excellent business skills, but also a solid understanding of the technology and policy aspects affecting their industry, as well as project and risk management skills. Accordingly, the CleanTech concentration at McCombs gives you the opportunity to combine courses across various schools to best prepare for their career of choice. You will also connect with Austin’s booming CleanTech industry through the Clean Energy Incubator and a variety of on- and off-campus opportunities.

Curriculum Requirements

Required courses:
  • FIN 286 - Valuation (flexible-core)
  • MAN 385 - Energy Technology & Policy (spring only; recommended to be taken during 1st year)
  • FIN 394.1 - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
  • FIN 397.1 - Investment Theory & Practice
  • FIN 394.2 - Financial Strategies – Energy Focus (fall only; pre-req: FIN 394.1 & FIN 397.1)
Any one course from the following:
  • MAN 385 - Management Sustainability Practicum (spring only; Energy & Water focus)
  • BA 391 - Special Studies in Business Administration (must be related to clean technology and approved by Program Office)
Any one course from the following:
  • LEB 380.31 - Energy Law
  • LAW 379M - Wind Energy
  • PA 188G - Climate Change Law & Policy
  • CRP 383 - Environmental Law & Policy
  • LEB 380.3 - Law of Commercial Real Estate Finance & Development
  • LEB 380.26 - Law for Entrepreneurs
 Recommended Electives:
  • MAN 385.64 - Enterprise of Technology: From Mind to Market
  • EER 396 - Political Economy of Global Energy
  • EER 396 - Research in Energy/Earth Resources 
Total credit hours: 20
Faculty Contact: John C. Butler

Experiential Opportunities

Hands-on experiences complement, extend and continually refine classroom curriculum. There are many opportunities available for Texas MBAs to experience hands-on learning. Here are just a few:

Student Organizations

Student organizations open the doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. Below are some student organizations you may wish to consider as you tailor your Texas MBA experience.

Possible Career Paths

  • Business Development Analyst
  • Energy Commodities Analyst/Trader
  • Energy Consultant
  • Environmental Markets Analyst
  • Market Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Project Finance Analyst
  • Project Development Associate

For more information on career opportunities, visit our Career Management web page.