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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Finance Concentration

In recent years, finance has been the single largest placement area in the MBA program with approximately 40% of all the job offers made to MBA students for positions in finance. The Department has consulted with leading financial firms, as well as other finance recruiters, in the development of the program.

One of the goals in designing the program is to provide students with the maximum flexibility possible in selection, while insuring that students have sufficient exposure to the academic subjects necessary to certify them as prepared for finance-related careers. The Finance concentration has two required courses for all students in addition to the required core Valuation course. Students then take 12 additional semester credit hours. Students can freely select course to design a curriculum that best prepares them for their desired financial positions.

Curriculum Requirements

Required courses:
  • FIN 286 - Valuation (flexible-core)
  • FIN 394.1 - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
  • FIN 397.1 - Investment Theory & Practice
Students should complete the above curriculum during their first year in the MBA program. Most remaining Finance electives have these three courses as prerequisites.

  • Finance/Real Estate - Any three (3) non-core graduate courses with the prefix FIN - Finance, or RE - Real Estate
  • Accounting - Any one (1) non-core graduate course with the prefix ACC - Accounting
Additional courses may be approved on a course-by-course basis.

Total credit hours: 20
Faculty Contact: Robert Parrino

Experiential Opportunities

Hands-on experiences complement, extend and continually refine classroom curriculum. Texas MBAs have an array of opportunities to experience hands-on learning, some of which are listed below:

Student Organizations

Student organizations open the doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. Below are some student organizations you may wish to consider as you look to tailor your Texas MBA experience:

Possible Career Paths

  • Equity Research Associate
  • Financial Restructuring Consultant
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Management Accountant
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Associate
  • Sales and Trading Associate
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Venture Capital Associate

For more information on career opportunities, visit our Career Management web page.