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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Global Business

Today's business leaders must possess a worldview of business and society that includes cross-cultural understanding. The MBA concentration in Global Business is designed to provide you with a specific focus on business practices and management challenges in the global arena. You may choose from various international opportunities, including study abroad, to fulfill curriculum requirements toward this concentration.

Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum options:
  • Option A - 12 credit hours (at least one course must have the prefix IB)
  • Option B - 9 credit hours and 1 short semester abroad (equivalent to 1-2 UT courses while abroad)
  • Option C - 6 hours and 1 long semester abroad (equivalent to 3 or more UT courses while abroad) 
Courses may be chosen from the following:
  • IB - All graduate courses with this prefix
  • FIN 394 - Global Finance
  • MAN 385 - Managing & Marketing in the Global Arena
  • MKT 382 - Invisible Global Marketing
  • RM 395 - Managing International Risk
  • PA 388K - Politics & Policies of International Development
  • UT Foreign Language (see notes below)
  • Only one IB 391 - Directed Studies Global Management (Global Connections) course can be counted toward the Global Business concentration.
  • Only one UT foreign language course may be taken, for a grade, for 3 hours of waived credit. Grade earned must be B or higher (no CR/NC). The student must have the approval of an MBA academic advisor.
  • Students who successfully complete WHU's European Summer Institute with a grade of B or higher earn 3 hours of waived MBA elective credit. The waived credit may be used to fulfill one IB course requirement of the Global Business concentration.
  • Many courses that students undertake on Texas MBA exchange programs are approved as IB electives and may be counted toward the required coursework for the concentration in Global Business.

Faculty Contact: Kate Gillespie

Experiential Opportunities

Hands-on experiences complement, extend and continually refine classroom curriculum. Texas MBAs have an array of opportunities to experience hands-on learning, some of which are listed below:

Student Organizations

Student organizations open the doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. Below are some student organizations you may wish to consider as you tailor your Texas MBA experience.

Possible Career Paths

  • Consulting
  • International Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • General Management
  • Global Brand Management

For more information on professional opportunities, visit Career Management.