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High Technology Marketing

This unique concentration prepares future high-tech marketers to succeed in a dynamic industry. In high-tech industries, rapid, discontinuous change is often more the norm than the exception. Marketers have to successfully manage whirlwind product introductions, often while simultaneously guiding the phase-out of other products within the same product line. The Marketer's greatest value is shaping the technological products produced by the firm into solutions that truly benefit potential customers while setting them apart from the ever-expanding competition. High-technology marketers engage in classic marketing activities like segmentation, targeting, positioning, and ongoing marketing support for the rest of the firm's products. In some industries high-technology marketing resembles consulting, and some companies may actually have internal consulting business units (3M, for example).

Curriculum Requirements

Required courses:
  • MKT 282 - Analysis of Markets (flexible-core)
  • MKT 382 - Brand Management
  • MKT 382 - Marketing High-Tech Products
  • MKT 382 - New Product Development
  • MKT 382 - Pricing Channels
  • MKT 382 - Strategic Marketing
Choose at least one course from the following:
  • MKT 382 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • MKT 382 - Analytical Tools for Marketing Decisions
  • MKT 382 - Marketing Analytics and Information
  • MKT 382 - Marketing Metrics
Recommended Electives:
  • LEB 380 - Law for Entrepreneurs
  • MAN 385 - Consulting Capstone Practicum
  • MKT 382 - Marketing and Customer Insights Practicum/CCIMS Marketing Fellows
  • MKT 382 - Invisible Global Marketing
  • MKT 382 - Business and the Environment
  • MAN 385 - Corporate Governance
  • IB 395 - Emerging Markets
Total credit hours: 20
Faculty Contact: Raji Srinivasan

Experiential Opportunities

Hands-on experiences complement, extend and continually refine classroom curriculum. Texas MBAs have an array of opportunities to experience hands-on learning, some of which are listed below:

Student Organizations

Student organizations open the doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. Below are some student organizations you may wish to consider as you look to tailor your Texas MBA experience:

Possible Career Paths

  • Pricing Analyst
  • Product Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Sales Support Manager

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