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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The Admissions Process

  • Is the online application the only way to apply?
    Yes. The online Texas MBA application is the fastest, safest and most efficient method of applying. The online application is short and can be saved and returned to as often as needed before officially submitting it.

    IMPORTANT: In addition to submitting the requested application components online, all applicants must also submit to the UT Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC):

    1. Official Transcripts
    2. Official Test Scores (GRE/GMAT and TOEFL if applicable)
  • Can I waive the application fee?
    Your application fee is waived if:

    - You served in the Teach for America program
    - You are a member of the Forte MBALaunch program
    - You are currently serving, or have served, in any of the five branches of the US military
    - You graduated from a UT System institution

    Dual Degree Candidates
    Dual degree program applicants should contact the Graduate and International Admission Center (GIAC) to determine the fee requirement at 512-475-7391.
  • What do I need to do if I'm applying through the Consortium?
    If you are applying through the Consortium, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly read our Consortium Application Instructions located on the diversity page on our website. The FAQ contains deadline information, application fees, GMAT and GRE details, and information about the application requirements. Please note that it is critical that you adhere to the Consortium application deadlines as they differ from Texas MBA program deadlines.
  • If I applied in the past and didn't get in, is there anything special I need to do to re-apply?
    Having applied in a previous year is not considered a negative factor in your application. We evaluate your new application on its merits, and in the context of the new applicant pool. Consider giving yourself a fresh start when you approach your new application. Think through and reassess your application, addressing any weak areas. Add new information that may be helpful in the admission process.

    1. Application: All re-applicants are required to complete a new application, new essays, a new resume and pay the application fee.

    2. Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are kept on file for one year and do not need to be resubmitted unless you have taken additional course work, or if you applied more than one year ago. Be sure to monitor your GIAC document status online to make sure transcripts show as received for the current application year.

    3. Test Scores: GMAT and GRE scores are only valid five years after the date the test is taken. For TOEFL scores, this period is two years. You need to take these standardized tests again if the scores have expired. The McCombs Admissions Committee considers only the highest submitted score in the evaluation of applications. Official test scores are kept for one calendar year. If you have submitted an application beyond one year in the past, you may be required to re-submit certain credentials.

    4. Recommendation Letter: Although not required, we suggest you submit a new letter of recommendation. Determine if another recommender may provide a more current, insightful and thorough perspective. If you choose to use one or more prior recommendations, please enter the current contact information of the recommender in the Recommendation Section of the application and leave the Send Email box unchecked for each recommendation you are reusing. After you submit your application, please email, and provide the name and contact info for each recommendation you plan to reuse. Allow up to two business weeks for the recommendation status to show as complete in your application. Please use the optional essay to let the admission committee know that you are reusing prior recommendations.  
  • Can I submit an updated test score after submitting my application?
    It is strongly recommended that you submit your application only after you are satisfied with your test scores. However, if you retake any exam and wish to have your new score included with your application, email the Texas MBA Program with your new score report. Please note there is no guarantee that your updated test score(s) will be considered in the evaluation of your candidacy, as this depends on when the McCombs Admissions Committee receives the update from you.
  • When can I schedule an interview?
    Interviews are invitation only and are sent once the Round deadline has passed. Interview invites can be sent out anytime between the deadline and notification.
  • I submitted my application by the deadline, but the fee hasn’t appeared on “What I Owe”?
    The application fee is generated within the larger UT System and can take up to 3 days to appear depending on the volume of applications. As long as your application was submitted by the deadline, you’ll be considered in that round of admissions. You should, however, pay the fee as soon as it appears in “What I Owe” in order to avoid delays in your admissions decision. If we do not receive your fee within a reasonable period of time, we may preemptively decline your application.
  • I want to apply to two Texas MBA programs, do I have to pay the application fee twice?
    Applicants to multiple programs only pay the application fee once. If your “What I Owe” page generates two fees, please contact us at so we can cancel the second fee.

Requirements for Admission

  • What are the requirements for applying to the program?
    Bachelor's Degree: A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or a comparable degree from a foreign academic institution. The Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) will determine eligibility for admission in consultation with prospective graduate programs. If you have questions on whether or not your international degree is equivalent to a US Bachelor’s degree, please contact the Graduate and International Admission Center.

    Application Fee: $200 for the full-time Texas MBA program.

    Official Test Scores: GMAT and GRE scores are valid 5 years from test date; TOEFL 2 years.

    McCombs full-time MBA GMAT code: 396-44-45

    McCombs MBA GRE code: 6882 (test scores sent to this code are available to all graduate departments)

    McCombs MBA TOEFL code: 6882 (test scores sent to this code are available to all graduate departments) 

    Work Experience: Two years of post-baccalaureate work experience prior to enrollment is strongly recommended but not required.

    Letter of recommendation
    You will be asked to supply the name and contact information of one reference. You have the option to send a recommendation request via our admissions management system or utilize the recommendation function within LinkedIn. Please select only one of these options. For either option, you can provide a second recommendation if you feel it adds value to your application. The McCombs Admissions Committee prefers professional recommendations.

    Certification of Financial Responsibility Form for International Applicants: While this form is not required for consideration of your application for admission, it is necessary for preparation of the immigration document (Form I-20 or Form DS-2019) once an offer of admission is granted. You may download this form from the International Office's web page
  • What are the characteristics of a strong applicant?
    The admissions committee will evaluate your application relative to the entire applicant pool from a global perspective and in a holistic manner. There are no fixed criteria, no minimum scores for GMAT or TOEFL, and no formula or weighting of specific areas of the application. The admissions committee carefully considers each completed application, with particular attention to personal essays, work history, undergraduate performance, letters of recommendation, extracurricular and community activities, honors, achievements and test scores. Personal characteristics that add to the diversity of the class may also be considered such as country of citizenship, gender, family background, multi-lingual skills, and socioeconomic history. See our Class Profile and read the Texas MBA Insider blog for application tips.
  • What is full-time work experience?
    Full-time work experience is calculated up until the time of enrollment (start of classes). This includes all full-time work that you have completed since receiving your bachelor’s degree. This does not need to be business-based, and can include teaching, military service and government experience (programs like Peace Corps, for example). The average number of years of work experience for our admitted class is five years, but we strongly recommend a minimum of two. If you have other substantial experience and would like to be considered for admission, please submit an application and explain your experiences and circumstances fully in your essays.
  • Can I apply without full-time work experience?
    A select number of applicants will be considered for admission as McCombs Scholars immediately after completing their undergraduate degree. These applicants must possess, among other criteria, exceptionally strong academic backgrounds, demonstrated leadership and a strong potential for success in business. The application process for McCombs Scholars is the same for regular applicants to the MBA program but they should consider demonstrating the criteria listed above.

Financial Aid

Application Materials

  • What application materials do I need to supply?
    The absolute minimum requirements for the admissions office to render a decision include the application, payment of the application fee, valid test scores, and submission of transcripts showing award of bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution in the United States or proof of equivalent training at a foreign institution. Submission of only these four items is greatly discouraged and, in fact, will delay an admissions decision to the very end of the cycle when the class is almost always full. To remain competitive the applicant will also need to submit a resume, essays, and one letter of recommendation or reference.

    International students need to submit a valid TOEFL score (unless eligible for a TOEFL waiver—see below). They will also need to submit the Certificate of Financial Responsibility form to the International office if admitted; this can also be submitted at the time of application to simplify the process. We will review applications in which all documents are submitted prior to reviewing those applications in which one or more pieces were not included.
  • Can I waive the TOEFL?
    U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents do not need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. A waiver of the TOEFL or IELTS is automatically granted (no request needed) if you are an international applicant and have earned an undergraduate degree in a country where the official language is English (not just an English-speaking institution or a country where English is spoken) (see country list here).

    In order to request a TOEFL or IELTS waiver you must have submitted a Texas MBA application AND meet one of the following conditions:
    1. 1) You have lived and worked full-time in the U.S. or in a country where English is the official language for at least two of the past four years (see country list here).
    2. 2) You hold a masters degree from a college or university located in the U.S. or from a country where English is the official language (see country list here).
    3. 3) You were educated solely in English for your undergraduate and/or prior graduate degree.

    If you do not meet any of these conditions, you are required to submit the TOEFL/IELTS exam without exception. If you meet the conditions above, please check the appropriate box requesting the waiver in the test score section of your application.
  • How do I calculate my GPA? What is upper division coursework?
    The Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) calculates your GPA using only upper-division coursework. The GPA is based on a 4.0 scale. Upper-division coursework is loosely defined as courses taken during your junior and senior years (i.e. final two years of college). These classes are typically in your major (although non-major upper-level courses and any graduate work are also included in the GPA) and are taken above-and-beyond the basic core curriculum. GIAC will correct this information if it is incorrect. International grading scales will be recalculated to reflect an equivalent total on a 4.0 scale.
  • When do I need to send in my official transcript?
    Copies of official transcripts can be used for your McCombs Application and your University of Texas Graduate Admissions Application. It must, however, be a copy of your official transcript, no exceptions. Once you are offered a position in the class, you or your undergraduate institution must send your official transcripts to The University of Texas.

Other Business Programs

  • How can I get information about the BBA Program?
    Please visit their website.
  • Do you have an MBA program for working professionals?
    McCombs offers two options, in three locations for working professionals:

    The McCombs School of Business does not offer an online MBA. The UT system does have a program, but UT Austin is not affiliated with it.
  • I am interested in the Dual Degree program, how do I apply?
    An applicant seeking admission to an MBA/dual-degree program who is not currently enrolled in a graduate program at UT must apply to both programs by submitting two applications (the Texas MBA application and the dual degree program application via Apply Texas.) Dual degree MBA/Law applicants must submit the Texas MBA application and an application directly to the School of Law. Applicants are required to only pay one application fee with the exception of MBA/Law dual degree applicants. The fee that must be paid is the higher of the two application fees, except with dual degree MBA/Law applicants, who must pay both application fees. Applicants are responsible for submitting any department-specific supplemental materials (test score, essays, letters, etc.) for each department. McCombs accepts either the GRE or GMAT score. Please check with the department of your intended dual degree to ensure you submit the required test score.

    Applicants must be accepted by each individual program in order to be admitted to the dual-degree program. If an applicant is admitted to only one program, with departmental approval, he/she may choose to pursue that degree alone after requesting a change of major code on the application. A minimum of two years of full-time work experience is strongly suggested to enter any of the dual-degree programs. All dual-degree students begin their first year of study in the non-business side of the program.

    Students currently enrolled in the first year of a graduate program at The University of Texas at Austin who wish to apply to an MBA/dual-degree program must submit the Texas MBA Application available online and select the appropriate dual-degree major code from the drop down menu. No other application is necessary, but a conversation with your academic advisor in your current program is advised. Applicants will not pay an application fee. If admitted, an admission officer and the student will work with the Graduate and International Admission Center to request a change of major to the dual degree major code. Students who have completed their first year of study in the non-business side will begin the MBA portion of the program that August.
  • Do you have programs outside of Austin?
    We have MBA programs in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Mexico City.


  • Do you accept transfer credits?
    We do not accept transfer credits or waivers into the McCombs School of Business. Each student is responsible for completing our entire program in residence.
  • Can I take classes at the MBA Program without applying for the program?
    If you are currently enrolled in another graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin, you may request to take a class at McCombs with professor approval. Forms are available in the MBA Program office.

    Due to high demand for MBA courses by our degree-seeking students, non-degree seekers are rarely admitted (please visit for the Office of the Registrar course schedules). Applicants may apply to take MBA courses as non-degree seekers. However, admission is at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.

    No courses taken while enrolled as a non-degree graduate student may be applied to full-time MBA program degree requirements if the candidate is later offered admission.

    Because our MBA elective courses are in high demand by students in the program, non-MBA students (including graduate students in other UT programs) may only register for these courses with instructor consent and approval of the MBA Program Office.
  • How can I be considered as a Texas resident?
    All applicants will have a temporary status of NON-RESIDENT throughout the application process. If an admission offer is made and accepted, candidates have access to an online residency questionnaire. Official residency status is determined within seven to ten business days of submission of the residency questionnaire online. All admitted candidates who intend to enroll must complete this form. Information about residency can be found here.
  • Can students begin in the spring semester?
    Enrollment to the Texas MBA is in the fall semester only.
  • How can I set up a tour or class visit?
    Admissions events are hosted regularly when classes are in session. Class visits are available and scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. Please visit our Admissions Event page to schedule a time to visit our school. In consideration of other applicants, we ask that you schedule only 1 class visit.