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Business Language Options

The Texas MBA Business Language Options provide you with the opportunity to:

• Gain foreign language proficiency
• Learn to communicate comfortably in normal business & academic situations
• Gain an understanding of economic structures & business practices abroad
• Better prepare for participation in exchange or double degree programs

Choose from the array of courses, options and activities to meet your personal objectives and fit your individual schedule:

MBA Language Learning With Livemocha

The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) offers language learning with Livemocha for students who are interested in learning or improving a foreign language. Livemocha is a commercial online language learning community, providing instructional materials in 38 languages and a platform for speakers to interact with and help each other learn new languages.

Each academic year Livemocha will provide one-year subscriptions for 100 McCombs graduate students. The one-year subscription is offered at no cost to students. Students can enroll in any of the 38 languages that are offered. The services include specific courses, online materials, interaction with Livemocha’s online community, and video-conferencing practice with native speakers from almost anywhere in the world. 

Eligible Students:
Full-time MBA, Texas Evening MBA, and Executive MBA students

Proficiency Level:
All levels

How To Enroll:
  1. Visit Live Mocha to get a feel for the program, languages, options, and courses.
  2. Contact Orlando Kelm, Associate Director of Business Language Education at CIBER, to receive a code to subscribe.
  3. Subscribe to Livemocha and enroll in courses in 38 languages. As you work through the courses at your own pace, you will submit work that is evaluated by the Livemocha community of learners. You can also choose speaking partners to practice with as well.
  4. Your subscription will be valid until September 15, 2013. The 100 subscriptions will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Note: There are some premium features of Livemocha that are not part of the basic subscription, for which individuals would have to enroll and pay for on their own.

MBA Elective Courses

IB 395 Business in Latin America

Offered Each Spring
Eligible Students: MBA/MPA students only
Proficiency level: Intermediate – Advanced
Schedule: Spring semester
Location: UT-Austin campus
Credit: 3 hours, MBA/MPA elective credit

Students should follow all regular University registration procedures to enroll in the course. Normal tuition and course fees apply.


  • Taught in Spanish
  • Generally designed for non-native speakers of Spanish who are still learning the language
  • Native speakers also encouraged to enroll
  • Focus on the cultural aspects of doing business in Latin America
  • For students considering Exchange or Double Degree programs, gain experience learning content in a foreign language.

Interested students who are not sure if their Spanish language proficiency is sufficient should contact the Associate Director for Business Language Programs in the CIBER office for assessment.

UT Business Language Courses

A variety of Business Language courses are offered in the College of Liberal Arts and may be incorporated into the MBA with permission from an Academic Advisor. Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish have been offered in previous years. Students should consult the Course Schedule for additional options.

Eligible students: All
Proficiency level: Intermediate - Advanced
Dates: Fall and Spring semester
Location: UT-Austin campus
Credit: 3 hours, MBA waived elective credit with permission of an Academic Advisor

Students should follow all regular University registration procedures to enroll in the course. Normal tuition and course fees apply.