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Global Opportunities

Through the MBA International Programs, the McCombs School of Business strives to expose MBA students to new cultures and ideas so that they will be better prepared to:

  • Be effective business leaders on the world stage
  • Act ethically and responsibly within a global context
  • Think strategically at an international level.

McCombs offers a variety of opportunities for students to add an international component to their MBA:

  • McCombs Global Connections Study Tours: Students enroll in a 3-credit course which meets during the Spring semester culminating in an 5-10 day study tour. Destinations that programs have taken place in the past are: China, Israel, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Ghana, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil.
  • Exchange Programs: McCombs full-time students have the opportunity to gain business sense from a new perspective while students from our partner institutions spend a semester in Austin. McCombs partners with 30+ prestigious institutions worldwide for one semester exchanges.
  • Double Degree Programs: Students earn two advanced degrees, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA (or equivalent) from one of seven top-ranked partner institutions.
  • Business Language Options: Students choose from an array of courses and activities to improve their foreign language proficiency.
  • McCombs Adventure Program (MAP): Incoming students connect with future classmates before ever setting foot on campus through pre-Orientation MAP trips each July.  Typically, three 7-day international trips and two to three 1-day Austin area day trips are offered each year.

McCombs is a proud member of the Partnership in International Management.

Page last updated: 5/1/2017