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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Meet Our Military MBAs

Chris Hetz, MBA '13

Chris HetzHometown: El Paso, TX
Branch of Service: Army
Military Occupation: Acquisition Corps
Undergrad: United States Military Academy
MBA Concentration: Management/Finance
Favorite Class: Managing Innovation and Creativity
Favorite Professor: Dr. Luis Martins

Why McCombs?
"I chose to attend McCombs because of the culture, the curriculum, and the professors. It was apparent from my first visit that students who attend McCombs are here to learn and share their experiences. There seems to be the perfect balance of competition and cooperation to drive everyone to achieve their academic goals in a friendly and laid-back environment.
In the first semester you receive a broad understanding of the multiple disciplines available at McCombs. For the rest of your time here, you have the flexibility to specialize or be as general as you’d like in your education. That, coupled with the opportunity to learn from some of the top professors in the country, really allows you to shape your experience the way you feel will best allow you to succeed in your endeavors beyond your MBA.”

On Returning to the Army after the MBA
“One of my main reasons for pursuing an MBA was to be able to speak the language of business. In joining the Acquisition Corps after serving as an Infantry Officer for the majority of my career, I knew that there was a technical competency that I would have to achieve to effectively manage projects that are comprised of different groups of people from other military personnel to civilian contractors to scientists. I feel that McCombs has prepared me well to understand and execute the business processes required to effectively manage these projects.

Another aspect of my MBA experience that I truly appreciate is the opportunity to compare the practical leadership experiences I have learned in the army to those of business professionals and academic theory. Being exposed to this broad view of leadership outside of the army has allowed me to refine and add to my leadership skills. As I begin my next job in the Army, I look forward to applying these leadership tools and newfound business knowledge."

Jeff Lee, MBA '13

Jeff LeeHometown: Atlanta, GA
Branch of Service: Navy
Military Occupation: Submarine Officer
Undergrad: United States Naval Academy
MBA Concentration: Operations and Supply Chain Management
Favorite Class: Analysis of Markets
Favorite Professor: Ty Henderson

Why McCombs?
"During my MBA school search, I spent a lot of time visiting campuses, researching programs, and talking to alumni and current students. My first interaction with McCombs was through students on the McCombs Admissions Committee and the Armed Forces Alumni Association. They were extremely friendly and helpful, and my interactions with them really helped me appreciate McCombs' close-knit, collaborative culture."

On Transitioning to Business School
"Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be difficult, and it certainly helps that I came to a school that truly appreciates the leadership skills and perspectives that military veterans possess. There is a strong veterans community at McCombs, and it is helpful to be able to share the MBA experience with other veterans who are also adapting to life outside of the military.

The core curriculum is quite rigorous and fast-paced. Not coming from a business background, I am learning many concepts for the first time. However, I find that many of my experiences in the service are highly applicable to classroom concepts, and I am able to draw upon those experiences and offer insight and different perspectives during class discussions."

Sean Supon, MBA '13

Sean SuponHometown: Poipu, HI
Branch of Service: Army
Military Occupation: Engineer
Undergrad: United States Military Academy
MBA Concentration: Real Estate & Management Consulting
Favorite Class: Real Estate Markets
Favorite Professor: Greg Hallman

Why McCombs? 
"I fell in love with Austin while stationed an hour north at Fort Hood. In my mind, there is no better place to live, learn, and play in the lower 48. I connected with the current and prospective McCombs students I met and felt that the relaxed, entrepreneurial spirit meshed well with my own personality. Add all of that with the unsurpassed value of a McCombs education and you find yourself with an unbeatable combination.”

On Leveraging Army Service to Start a Civilian Career
“Coming out of the military, veterans like us have a distinct advantage over our civilian classmates. You will constantly be surprised at how your leadership training, flexibility, and discipline will come in handy during your time at McCombs. These advantages become even more apparent when you begin the process of interviewing for internships and full-time positions. Most employers will put a premium on your military background and leadership experience. Furthermore, we have the advantage of one of the most powerful networks in the corporate world. All these advantages combine to make a veteran a hot commodity in today’s corporate environment.”