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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Meet Our MBA Students

Texas MBAs are a diverse and collaborative group of innovators determined to make a positive impact in the business world and beyond. Our current students play a vital role in the admissions process, adding a student perspective and making personal connections with prospective students by participating in recruiting events, conducting class visits and tours of McCombs, leading info sessions, and answering phone calls and emails. Get to know some current MBAs through the profiles below and contact them directly with any questions you may have. Also, be sure to check out our student blog for additional insight into student life at McCombs.

Explore a sample of our MBA students by clicking on the photos to the left.

Tim Carreon,
MBA '17

Hometown: San Ramon, California
Pre-MBA Job: Economist, DLA Piper LLP
Undergrad Degree: Business Administration, University of Southern California

Why McCombs?
"Since moving to Austin pushed me out of my west coast comfort zone, my decision to attend McCombs all came down to the culture fit. I loved that it’s a small program at a large university, meaning the classes are intimate and the students are very collaborative, but we’re part of an enormous and highly spirited alumni network."

Amira Fawcett,
MBA '17

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Pre-MBA Job: Investor Associate, JP Morgan Chase

Degrees: B.S.Eng., Chemical Biomolecular Engineering & M.S.Eng., Biotechnology, University of Pennsylvania

Why McCombs?
"I chose McCombs for the people! Everyone I met at school was friendly and welcoming and I truly felt like the McCombs environment fostered camaraderie and teamwork. The vibrant Austin food scene was an added plus!"

Launa Wood,
MBA '17

Hometown: Jackson, Tennessee
Pre-MBA Job: Regional Human Resources Consultant, StoneGate Senior Living
Degrees: Secondary English Education, Murray State University & Master of Human Resources Management, Pennsylvania State University

Why McCombs:
“I chose McCombs because of its collaborative culture and the opportunity to experience an MBA program with a relatively smaller, yet diverse, class size. The ability to work with and learn from classmates who have distinctly divergent work experiences and degrees, while concurrently developing a strong relationship with them provides an exclusivity that was not demonstrated as strongly with other programs I considered.”

Nicholas Sattler,
MBA '17

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Pre-MBA Job: Captain, United States Army
Undergrad Degree: Public Policy, Indiana University

Why McCombs?
"I never met a more collaborative and inclusive environment in my MBA search; this is absolutely where I wanted to be. If you have a passion and want to pursue it in an environment of top-tier faculty, extra-curricular learning programs, and classes full of the most incredible people you'll ever meet, apply to McCombs."

Jorge Martinez,
MBA '17

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Pre-MBA Job: Project Engineer, Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.

Undergrad Degree: Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Why McCombs?
“I chose McCombs because of its prestige, collaborative culture, global network, and class size. In my opinion, there isn't another program in the country that combines a top-tier education with the opportunity to create such personal relationships with your professors and your peers.”


Keiko Akashi,
MBA '16

Hometown: Woodside, New York

Pre-MBA Job: Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Con Edison
Undergrad Degree: Baruch College, Marketing

Why McCombs?
I chose McCombs because of its collaborative and supportive environment and for the multitude of offerings to strengthen and enhance skills for personal and professional development. I also felt a sense of belonging when I visited the campus and interacted with the faculty and students. I knew right then that burnt orange would be my color. Hook’em!

Austin Masterson,
MBA '16

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Pre-MBA Job: Product Analytics, Pandora Internet Radio
Undergrad Degree: Management Information Systems, University of Texas

Why McCombs?
”The proximity to an entrepreneurial, fast-growing city that McCombs offers was a huge draw, as was the dynamic, tight-knit class, which I felt would allow me to develop a strong network amongst my fellow students.”

Rachel Braunstein,
MBA '16

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Account Supervisor, Walton Isaacson, LLC
Undergrad Degree: University of Wisconsin, Madison, BBA in Marketing and International Business
MBA Concentration: Marketing, Brand Management

Why McCombs?
When going through the difficult application process, I wanted a respected school that offered a strong curriculum and faculty, a highly ranked marketing program, a global perspective and a diverse community.  McCombs not only has these qualities but most importantly, a collaborative, incredibly smart and fun group of people, plus we’re in Austin. It simply doesn’t get better.

Drew Johnson,
MBA '16

Hometown: Houston, TX

Pre-MBA Job: Management Consulting, Accenture 
Undergrad Degree: DePauw University, Economics
MBA Concentration: High Technology Marketing

Why McCombs?
As I am interested in Technology and Marketing, I chose McCombs because of its strong reputation, its central location to a growing technology center, Austin, and its structured marketing curriculum. Also, throughout the admissions process everyone I talked to- students, faculty and alumni were extremely passionate about the program and went the extra mile to help me out as I made my decision to attend.

Justin Key,
MBA '16

Hometown: Roanoke, VA (Previously lived in Washington D.C. and Zurich, Switzerland)

Pre-MBA Job: Strategy Consultant
Undergrad Degree:
Hampden-Sydney College; Economics, History
MBA Concentration: Finance, Entrepreneurship

Why McCombs?
I choose McCombs because of the many hands-on opportunities that the program has to offer, such MBA+ and the Fellows programs.

Krystle Nazareth,
MBA '16

Hometown: Kuwait/ India

Pre-MBA Job: Consulting and Marketing
Undergrad Degree:
Accounting and Finance, Indiana University
MBA Concentration: Marketing Analytics & Consulting, General Management

Why McCombs?
I wanted to earn my MBA from a well-reputed program with great experiential learning opportunities in a musically cultured city with a collegiate environment—a combination that I found to be unique to McCombs and the city of Austin. Also, as an international student, it was difficult for me to visit campus prior to accepting my offer, but I was able to reach out and connect with current students and alumni of the program which reinforced the strong collaborative culture present at McCombs, a quality I believe would be key to my successful learning over the next two years.

Shawn Sengupta,
MBA '16

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Pre-MBA Job: Management Consulting at Deloitte
Undergrad: Finance and Economics, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
MBA Concentration: Marketing Analytics and Consulting

Why McCombs?
My decision to come to McCombs was driven by my desire to meet leaders from diverse industries, as we collaborate on innovation in business. In addition to its eclectic and thriving location in Austin, McCombs is unique because of its top-quality accessible faculty, diverse classroom, experiential opportunities like MBA+, and fellowships like the Marketing Fellows and the Consulting practicum. I believe that a McCombs education will give my career the perfect impetus to thrive and excel in the competitive world of business.