MBA | Houston

Program Location

Classes are held on alternating weekends at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing. The UT Health School of Nursing provides state of the art classroom space and facilities for co-curricular events and professional development activities, as well as study space, dining areas, and parking. The location gives you access to a world-class educational environment where you can learn, discuss, study, and network.

Important Locations

Residential Component

All students are required to participate in the residency program on class weekends during the first semester. For the remainder of the program, this component is optional. Accommodations are at the nearby Hotel ZaZa. See map above for reference.

Study Facilities

The School of Nursing building facilities will be available to Texas MBA at Houston students during regular operating hours through badge access. ID badges will be provided to students once classes begin.


Parking is available at the Texas Medical Center, Garage 2. See map above for reference.

Page last updated: 10/17/2016