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Texas MBA | Texas MBA at Houston

Meet Our Texas MBA at Houston Students

Students in the Texas MBA at Houston Program are a motivated group of accomplished professionals that value the quality of the experience over simply adding a credential to their resume and are seeking a flexible path to an MBA that will give them the knowledge and expertise necessary to become leaders in their industry. Get to know them through the profiles below and find out what it is like to be a Texas MBA student at McCombs.

Explore a sample of our Texas MBA at Houston class by clicking on one of the photos to the left.

Long Duong,
MBA '17

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Current Job: Business Solutions Analyst, Waste Management, Inc.
Undergrad: Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Why McCombs:
“I chose McCombs because of the high caliber of the students and faculty. We all support each other and we're here to learn and grow together with the guidance of a world-renowned faculty. You feel right at home whenever you're wearing burnt orange anywhere in the world and you get a "Hook 'Em!" from our large, welcoming alumni network."

Ashley Duong,
MBA '17

Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
Current Job: Product Manager, Platts
Undergrad Degree: Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

 Why McCombs?
“Choosing McCombs was a natural professional extension for me. As an undergrad, I completed the Business Foundations Program through McCombs and knew then that I would return for my MBA. The caliber of the faculty, the professional network you develop, the life connections you build, and life experiences you gain set you up and better prepare you for your future and career.”

Dimitri Hughes,
MBA '17

Hometown: Middletown, Connecticut
Current Job: Lead Energy Systems Engineer, GE Power & Water
Undergrad Degree: Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia

Why McCombs?
“It's all about the people. The McCombs pedigree speaks for itself, but from the moment I set foot in a McCombs classroom, I knew this was the place for me. From the students all the way up to the administration, McCombs is full of phenomenal, high-caliber leaders, but more importantly, it is full of phenomenal and high-caliber people. I knew from day one that this was the type of professional family I needed to be a part of.”

Elly Reis,
MBA '17

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current job: Director of Business Development, Memorial Hermann
Undergrad Degree: International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Why McCombs?
“One of the main reasons the Texas MBA at Houston Program was my first choice was the world-renowned faculty. We have the same professors the full-time students in Austin have, so we're able to have the same McCombs experience in Houston, without having to take a break in our careers."

Laura Abrams de Segura,
MBA '17

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current Job: Development Manger, Spring Branch Family Development Center
Undergrad Degree: History & Religion, Trinity University

Why McCombs?
“McCombs quickly became my first choice because of the value it places on collaboration, its commitment to developing women, and emphasis on diversity. Along with the excellent quality of the education, these values resonated with my own. When I visited the program, I could see that these commitments moved off the page and truly form a part of the McCombs experience - and I wanted to be a part of it."

Kathryn Streeter,
MBA '16

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Current Job: Consultant, WG Consulting
Undergrad Degree: Economics & Finance, Loyola University New Orleans

Why McCombs?
"I wanted to improve myself, both personally and professionally, to grow into a vision of where I wanted my career to go, and who I wanted to be. I chose McCombs the moment I met my potential peers, knowing that UT Austin was not only my best fit but also where I felt most at home. Each day since making that decision, I have been impressed with the people I am surrounded by, and still cannot envision going anywhere else."

Mike Ghobrial,
MBA '16

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Current Job: Control Systems Engineer, Shell
Undergrad Degree: Electrical Engineering, University of Houston

Why McCombs?
"Internationally recognized brand, fantastic alumni network, high-caliber McCombs professors, and a very highly ranked program nationally - certainly enough reasons for UT Austin to be the clear winner for me. My class visit confirmed the caliber of my peer network and even showed the MBA's impact on participants personal growth throughout the class discussion."

Jeremy Newton,
MBA '16

Hometown: LaPorte, TX

Current Job: Project Manager, FMC Technologies, Inc.
Undergrad Degree: Political Science, US Naval Academy

Why McCombs?
"I chose McCombs because it's a globally recognized institution known for excellence. The broad scope of knowledge conveyed in this program creates the opportunity for success in any industry."

Sebastian Rivas,
MBA '16

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current Job: Senior Technical Consultant, Oracle Corp
Undergrad Degree: System Analysis, University of Buenos Aires

Why McCombs?
"I chose McCombs because of their diversity. Here you build a personal network with very smart people from different backgrounds, experiences, family origins and environments."