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MPA | Prospective Students


  • How do MPA students receive information on an ongoing basis?

    Students are expected to check their e-mail accounts on a regular basis, as time-sensitive information is distributed from the MPA Program Office via e-mail. In addition, important information is posted regularly in the MPA newsletter and on the flat screen monitor in the MPA Program Office (GSB 4.112C). MPA students also have a mail slot in GSB 4.302.

  • Who serves as academic advisor to integrated MPA students?

    Kathy Saqer (; 512-471-6298) and Jason Tasset (; 512-471-2617) are the academic advisors for integrated MPA students and are available to talk with students about long-range academic plans as well as specific course needs. In addition, a faculty member has been designated to provide students with career counseling for each track.

  • When I complete my undergraduate course requirements, can I then receive my bachelor's degree?
    Yes. Students may receive their BBA degree in accounting after all undergraduate degree requirements are met.
  • When do integrated MPA students start taking graduate courses?

    Students generally take their first graduate course during the fall semester of their senior year. By virtue of being a student with the integrated MPA major code, you have access to graduate accounting and business courses.

  • Do I have to complete all of my BBA coursework before I make application to graduate school?

    No. Typically after their first year in the program, integrated MPA students start taking graduate and undergraduate coursework concurrently.

  • If I am admitted to the integrated MPA, do I eventually have to apply for admission to the Graduate School?

    Yes. Graduate School applications must be completed by February 1 for fall admission; applications for spring semester admission must be completed by September 15. In the MPA program, a student must be in the Graduate School for two long semesters. There is no exception to this rule. To apply, a student must have taken the GMAT exam. Historically, students have not had difficulty in gaining admission to the Graduate School. Note: Students start paying graduate tuition on all courses once they have been admitted to the Graduate School. Undergraduate and graduate courses completed while coded as an undergraduate student are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate.

  • When should I plan to take the GMAT?

    You must have taken the GMAT exam before you make application to the Graduate School of Business. The program recommends that you take it no later than December of your fourth year. The GMAT is now offered weekly, so you have more flexibility in scheduling it. For information on the GMAT, you can visit the GMAT website.

  • Does everyone who wants an internship get one?

    Securing an internship is not guaranteed, although the great majority of qualified students (in excess of 90% in the spring semester) generally have received internships in the past. Internship decisions are based upon academic performance as well as communication and interpersonal skills.