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MPA Class Profile - Fall 2014

 Age Range 21-39
 Age Average 24
 GMAT Range 550-770 
 GMAT Average 660
 GPA Range* 3.05-4.00 
 GPA Average* 3.74
 TOEFL Average 110
 Female 40%
 Male 60%
 Texas Resident 45%
 Other US States     39%
 International 16%
*Grade Point Average is based on upper-division (junior- and senior-level) undergraduate and graduate coursework.
Overall Profile

Undergraduate Majors
 Accounting 50% 
 Other Business 12% 
 Economics 14% 
 Other Liberal Arts 14% 
 Engineering/Science/Math   4% 
 Other   6%

Graduate Degrees Earned

  • JD
  • MBA
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Computational Finance
  • Economic and Financial Policy
  • Environmental Science
  • Global Policy Studies
  • PhD-History

Work Experience
 Less than One Year 69% 
 1-2 Years 15% 
 3-4 Years   7% 
 5+ Years   9% 
 Average (months)  17

States Represented
 Alabama  Nebraska
 California  New Jersey
 Colorado  New York
 Connecticut  Ohio
 Florida  Oklahoma
 Georgia  Oregon
 Illinois  Pennsylvania
 Indiana  South Carolina
 Kentucky  Tennessee
 Massachusetts  Texas
 Michigan  Utah
 Missouri  Washington

Countries/Regions Represented


INITIAL Track Preference
 Financial Reporting & Assurance 37% 
 Financial Reporting & Assurance and Managerial Accounting & Control 28% 
 Financial Reporting & Assurance and Taxation   8%
 Managerial Accounting & Control   3%
 Managerial Accounting & Control and Taxation   2% 
 Taxation 16% 
 Generalist   3%
 Undecided   3%

MisaelMy classmates may be described by words like professionalism, dedication, ethical behavior, intelligence, academic competitiveness, but especially fellowship. It is incredible how they contribute in each class in order to obtain higher levels of preparation. So, if you want to be in a program where your classmates demand the best of you every day, the MPA is definitely for you.

-Misael  Montalvo, MPA '15

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