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McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business


Rob Adams

Rob Adams

Senior Lecturer

New Venture Creation

Josh Alexander headshot

Josh Alexander


Financing New Ventures

Edward Anderson headshot

Edward Anderson


New Venture Design & Implementation

Mary Anderson headshot

Mary Ann Anderson

Lecturer, Assoc. Director SCMC

New Venture Design & Implementation

Patrick Badolato headshot

Patrick Badolato


Financing New Ventures

Brett Cornwell Headshot

Brett Cornwell

Visiting Lecturer

Converting Technology to Wealth

Jade Dekinder headshot

Jade Dekinder

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Program Director, Master of Science in Marketing

Jim Dyer Headshot

James Dyer


Managing Technology & Business Risks

Louis Martins Headshot

Louis Martins

Faculty Advisor

Technology Transfer in the Global Economy

Christopher Meakin headshot

Christopher Meakin

Sr. Lecturer

Managing Technology & Business Risks

Caroline Bartel Headshot

Caroline Bartel

Associate Professor, Department of Management

Creative & Innovative Management

Melissa Murphy Headshot

Melissa Murphy

Texas McCombs MSTC Communications Coach


Trent Thurman Headshot

Trent Thurman

Program Director

Stuart Bone headshot

Stuart Bone

Program Manager

Mandy Reyes headshot

Mandy Reyes

Marketing Manager

Headshot of Justin White

Justin White

Graduate Program Coordinator