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The Master of Science in Energy Management Curriculum


MSEM Electives

The MSEM Curriculum provides students with the opportunity to take a number of elective courses to help specialize their skills and tailor their learning to their career and academic interests. Some of the electives offered will include:

  • Law & Agreements
  • ESG Investments
  • Investments
  • Real Estate Law/Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • International Arbitration
  • Energy Consumer Behavior
  • Electricity Systems
  • Petroleum Systems
  • Getting Product to Marketing/Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Finance

Capstone & Seminar Courses

The Master of Science in Energy Management will have opportunities to participate in Capstone and/or Seminar opportunities during the program. Potential opportunities students may expect include:

Oil and Gas Capstone: Students will evaluate the viability of a petroleum investment taking into account the geology and engineering issues and various surface risks, including fiscal terms, legal regime and political risk.

Electricity Capstone: Students will evaluate a hypothetical but realistic situation where a local government is considering the best way to replace coal generation that is about to be retired. Natural gas generation will be compared to wind and solar projects, including the possibility of a portfolio of assets to meet the generation shortfall.

Energy Seminar: Students will meet weekly to integrate material from their course work with current energy topics and energy experts from industry and academia. Each semester students will prepare a group report on a relevant topic facing the industry and present the results to their classmates and a panel of industry experts.