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MS Marketing Class Profile

Class Profile

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

The Texas McCombs Master of Science in Marketing

Our student body is bright, driven, and made up of both domestic and international students. If you're interested in learning our program's demographics or are curious to see the kinds of backgrounds and outcomes of Texas MSM students, please take a look at our class profile information.

Class Profile*

Class of 2019


Average Student Age


% Women


Partial List of Institutions

University of Texas at Austin
University of Virginia
Wake Forest
Dartmouth College
University of Arizona
Butler University
University of Oregon
Florida State University

Partial List of Job Titles

Digital Marketing Analyst, Social Media Analyst, Product Manager, Brand Analyst

Average GPA


Average Work Experience

2.2 Years

% International


Partial List of Majors

Psychology, Advertising,
Computer Science
Journalism, Biochemistry,
Economics, Supply Chain Management,
Communications, Marketing,
Nutrition Science

Average Salary Outcome

$63,500 Employment Outcomes


*Represents past three cohorts unless otherwise noted

Chris Ibarra, MSM '18

 MS Marketing Student Testimonial

Watch Chris' Video Testimonial

Beck Olp, Alumni Testimony

MS Marketing Alumni

"To stand out as a candidate at data-driven organizations (like Facebook), you need the fluency that the marketing program gives you. The difficulty with marketing is proving your effectiveness. You can be the most effective marketer in the world, but unless you can prove it with data, it won't matter."

Hear more from Beck about the skills needed to thrive in data analytics driven marketing and what skills have been important in her success at Facebook.

Elmira Yafyasova

Marketing Student Testimonial

Elmira's Testimonial

Thomas Hair

MSM Student Testimonial

Thomas' Testimonial

Nina Laudon

MS Marketing Student Testimonial Nina

Nina's Testimonial

Tongal, Employer Testimony

Tongal MS Marketing

"I think what's so interesting and unique about our hire, having spent a good amount of time since our hire, is not only the breadth of "hard" and "soft" skills, but the ability to blend them together seamlessly to achieve exceptional results."

Hear from Tongal about the skills our graduate brought to the agency and how our students can thrive in a marketing landscape driven by both data and creative decision-making.