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The World’s Most-Used Cryptocurrency Isn’t Bitcoin

Finance Professor John Griffin is featured in Bloomberg for his knowledge and expertise on presence of different cryptocurrencies.

The 50 best MBA Programs in the World, and How Much they Cost

Business Insider
McCombs MBA is featured among the top 50 MBA programs in the World.

How to Write the Perfect Professional Thank-You Note

Fast Company
Marketing and Psychology Assistant Professor Amit Kumar is featured in Fast Company for his expertise in the value of thank you notes.

Gas Prices Could Rise Up to 25 Cents a Gallon After the Saudi Oil Facility Attacks. Here's What to Expect

Featured in TIME, finance professor Ehud Ronn gives insight on the behavior of gas prices.

The 20 Top MBA Programs in the United States in 2019

Money Inc
McCombs MBA Program is featured within the Top 20 in the US for 2019.

Austin Jobless Rate Dips to 2.8% for August, a 20-Year Low

Austin American Statesman
Featured in Austin American Statesman, finance lecturer Michael Sury gives insight on the decrease in the Austin jobless rate.

What to do if You Think You're Working With a Psychopath

Marketinga and Psychology Professor Art Markman is featured in Lifehacker for his knowledge and expertise on dealing with a psychopath in the workplace.

Relentless, Unchecked Scrutiny of Police Hurts us all

The Hill
Management Assistant Professor Shefali V. Patil is featured in The Hill for his article highlighting the idea that police officers want to do the right thing, yet they pull back when their profession is vilified nearly daily.

MBA Apps Are Down But The Latest Crop Of Incoming Students Are Really Impressive

McCombs MBA Student Chain Vayakornvichit is featured in Forbes for being among some of the most impressive students within the MBA Class of 2021.

These are the Times When Thinking About the Future is Unproductive

Fast Company
Marketing and Psychology Professor Art Markman is featured in Fast Company for his article explaining how McCombs has adopted the tag line “Human Centered. Future Focused” to captures a commonly held belief that in order to be prepared for what is coming, it is important to think deeply about the future.