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The faculty and doctoral students publish regularly in some of the top academic journals around the globe.

Here are some spotlight publications, by Department. For a searchable publication database and more information on Faculty News, Awards, and Listing by Department.

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Does Fair Value Accounting Provide More Useful Financial Statements than current GAAP for Banks?
The Accounting Review, 2018
John McInnis, Yong Yu, and Christopher Yust (Ph.D. ’15)

Analysts' Stock Ownership and Stock Recommendations
Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2018
Jesse Chan (Ph.D. ’22 expected), Steve Lin, Yong Yu, and Wuyang Zhao

The Forewarning Effect of Critical Audit Matters Disclosures Involving Measurement Uncertainty
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020
Steve Kachelmeier, Dan Rimkus (Ph.D. ’21 expected), Jaime Schmidt, and Kristen Valentine (Ph.D. '19)

Linked Presentation and Investors' Risk Assessments
Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2019
Lisa Koonce, Zheng Leitter (Ph.D. ’18), and Brian White

The Evolution of Capital Structure and Operating Performance After Leveraged Buyouts: Evidence from U.S. Corporate Tax Returns
Journal of Financial Economics, 2014
Jonathan Cohn, Lillian Mills, and Erin Towery (Ph.D. ’13)


Who Facilitated Misreporting in Securitized Loans?
The Review of Financial Studies, 2016
John Griffin and Gonzalo Maturana (Ph.D. ’15)

Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: Do Women Contribute Unique Skills?
American Economic Review, 2016
Daehyun Kim (Ph.D. ’16) and Laura Stark

Show Important Is the Financial Media in Global Markets?
The Review of Financial Studies, 2011
John Griffin, Nicholas Hirschey (Ph.D. ’12), and Patrick Kelly

Incentive Compensation and the Likelihood of Termination: Theory and Evidence from Real Estate Organizations
Real Estate Economics, 2011 
Greg Hallman, Jay Hartzell, and Christopher A. Parsons (Ph.D. ’08)

Information, Risk, and Operations Management

The Time-Varying Nature of Social Media Sentiments in Modeling Stock Returns
Decision Support Systems, 2017
Chi-San Ho (Ph.D. ’14), Paul Damien, Bin Gu, and Prabhudev Konana

Optimal Auction Design for WiFi Procurement
Information Systems Research (forthcoming)
Liangfei Qiu, Huaxia Rui (Ph.D. ’12), and Andrew Whinston

Impulse Control of Interest Rates
Operations Research, 2014
Daniel Mitchell (Ph.D. ’14), Haolin Feng, and Kumar Muthuraman

Supporting Hurricane Inventory Management Decisions with Consumer Demand Estimates
Journal of Operations Management, 2016
Doug Morrice, Paul Cronin (Ph.D. ’17), Fehmi Tanrisever (Ph.D. ’09), and John C. Butler

Path to Purchase: A Mutually Exciting Point Process Model for Online Advertising and Conversion
Management Science, 2014
Lizhen Xu (Ph.D. ’11), Jason Duan, and Andrew Whinston


Glass Breaking, Strategy Making, and Value Creating: Meta- Analytic Outcomes of Women as CEOs and TMT Members
Academy of Management Journal, 2017
Seung-Hwan Jeong (Ph.D. ’18) and David Harrison

The Value of Voice (to Managers): Employee Identification and the Context of Voice
Academy of Management Journal, 2017
Ethan Burris, Kevin Rockmann, and Yurianna Kimmons (Ph.D. ’18)

Organizational Oscillation Between Learning and Forgetting: The Dual Role of Serious Errors
Organization Science, 2015
Pamela Haunschild, Francisco Polidoro, Jr., and David Chandler (Ph.D. ’11)


Ask and You Shall (Not) Receive: Close Friends Prioritize Relational Signaling Over Recipient Preferences in Their Gift Choices
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016
Morgan Ward (Ph.D. ’10) and Susan Broniarczyk

Advertising Effectiveness: The Moderating Effect of Firm Strategy
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016
Leigh McAlister, Raji Srinivasan, Niket Jindal (Ph.D. ’15), and Albert Cannella

Eating Healthy or Feeling Empty? How the “Healthy = Less Filling” Intuition Influences Satiety
Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 2016
Jacob Suher (Ph.D. ’16), Raj Raghunathan, and Wayne Hoyer

Values That Shape Marketing Decisions: Influence of Chief Executive Officers’ Political Ideologies on Innovation Propensity, Shareholder Value, and Risk
Journal of Marketing Research, 2017
Saim Kashmiri (Ph.D. ’12) and Vijay Mahajan

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