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  • What is the purpose of the program?
    The purpose of the program is to provide undergraduate students from various disciplines across campus with a well-rounded, interdisciplinary understanding of commercial real estate.
  • Do I have to be a business student to participate in the Texas URE program?
    No. The program is open to all undergraduate students who meet the program’s prerequisites.
  • Who can/should participate?
    The program is open to undergraduate students from all majors and is recommended for architecture, business, engineering, economics, geography and urban studies students who are interested in pursuing a career in commercial real estate.
  • Do I have to apply to the program?
    Yes. Application and acceptance to the program is required. The application can be completed online.
  • Can I begin taking courses before applying?
    The URE program emphasizes the benefit of interdisciplinary coursework; enrollment in program courses outside of your major will require admission to the program. Credit or registration for the prerequisite courses is required prior to application, and enrollment in those courses is not restricted. Additionally, a student may begin taking program courses available to them through their major prior to applying and receive credit towards the Certificate.
  • Can I receive credit for courses I have taken outside of UT Austin?
    No. URE students must complete the program’s required eighteen (18) hours from six unique courses at UT Austin from the list of program courses outlined in the course catalog dated 2012-2014 or later.
  • What is the deadline for applying?
    Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Credit or registration for the program’s prerequisite courses is required at the time of application.
  • One of the courses I would like to take is restricted to students in a major other than my own.  If I am accepted to the program, will I be able to register for this course?
    Some courses are restricted to a students majoring in that department of study and enrollment will require instructor and/or departmental approval. Questions regarding enrollment in a specific course should be directed to URE Academic Advisor, Will Way (
  • What are the requirements for acceptance into the program?
    Upper division standing is required and admission to the program is based on students’ overall academic record and their performance in prerequisite course(s). The coursework is rigorous and is best suited for someone who is analytical, financially minded and inquisitive about the broad scope of real estate. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is strongly recommended.
  • I am a non-business major interested in taking RE 358, can I take it first then decide whether to apply?
    No. Non-business students will not be given access to RE 358 prior to acceptance to the program. If you are unsure of your interest in real estate, please contact URE’s Academic Advisor, Will Way at
  • I am a business student interested in taking RE 358, can I take it first then decide whether to apply?
    Yes. Business students who have met the course’s prerequisites have enrollment access to RE 358 and can take RE 358 prior to deciding whether or not to apply for the URE program.
  • How do I apply?
  • What are the requirements for admission to the program?
    Applicants must be undergraduate students with upper division standing. Credit or registration for FIN 320F (for non-business students) or FIN 357 (for business students) is required. Non-business students are strongly encouraged to take ECO 301 or the equivalent (ECO 304K and ECO 304L).
  • What are the prerequisites?
      Applicants must have upper division standing and have credit or registration for the following courses:
    • Business students: FIN 357 (Business Finance) for business students
    • Non-business students: FIN 320F (Foundations of Finance)
    • Note: ECO 301 or equivalent (ECO 304K (Microeconomics) and ECO 304L (Macroeconomics)) is strongly encouraged for non-business students
  • What types of careers can certificate recipients pursue?
    The URE program emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of real estate as the industry is broadly based and offers many different career paths based on an individual’s goals and talents. Depending on a student’s interests and major course of study, program graduates may pursue careers in such areas as architecture, land/urban planning, civil and architectural engineering, construction management, property management, real estate title insurance, real estate appraisal, real estate marketing, commercial real estate sales and brokerage, commercial real estate lending, real estate investment banking and real estate private equity. Not all career options are listed and some careers may require additional licensure.
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
    The program requires six unique courses totaling 18 semester hours in addition to prerequisites. The course requirements can be completed at your own pace. Depending on your outside course load, and whether or not you have already completed the prerequisites, the URE program can be completed in as short as a single academic year, but no later than 1 year after receiving your degree in order to receive transcript recognition.
  • What if I don’t finish the program requirements before graduation?
    URE students must complete the program requirements no later than one year after receiving their degree in order to receive transcript recognition.
  • How long do I have to complete the program requirements?
    Upon acceptance to the program, Texas URE students may complete the requirements at their own pace. As long as all certificate requirements are completed in conjunction with their degree requirements or within one year after earning their degree, transcript recognition will be granted.
  • Which elective courses are best for me?
    The purpose of the program is to give undergraduate students a balanced understanding of the various aspects of real estate. Students are encouraged to select elective courses outside of their major to ensure a well-rounded understanding of all real estate practices. However, a minimum of six (6) hours must come from courses outside of the participant’s primary school of study.
  • Can I receive credit for completing a real estate internship?
    Credit for internships will not be granted in lieu of the program’s required coursework; however, internships in the real estate industry are strongly encouraged and are a great way to explore a student’s interests and potential career paths.
  • Will I receive a paper certificate in addition to my diploma?
    Yes. URE students will receive a paper certificate commemorating their completion of the program; however, transcript recognition officially certifies this accomplishment. In order to receive certification, students must apply for the certificate when they apply for graduation or when they complete the certificate program, whichever is later. Transcript recognition is awarded at the end of that semester or summer session.
  • I am a finance major and have chosen the real estate track.  Should I still consider the certificate program?
    Yes. The Finance BBA real estate track will continue to be a premier program for those who wish to obtain a concentration in real estate finance. However, for those finance students who wish to complete a more in-depth, interdisciplinary program in real estate, the Certificate is an excellent choice. Additionally,if you choose the real estate track for your finance degree, there will be no reference to this concentration on your diploma or transcript. Conversely, completion of the Undergraduate Real Estate program will be acknowledged on the transcript of a student who has completed the program requirements.
  • Can I receive both the Texas BFP and the Texas URE certificates?
    Yes. Non-business students may pursue and receive both the URE and BFP certificates. However, students should consult their academic advisor about their course load and the additional hours required to complete both of the certificate program requirements.
  • I enrolled in the Texas URE program, but my interests have changed.  How do I cancel my enrollment?
    Contact William Way, URE Academic Advisor at
  • Can I hire current Texas URE students as interns with my firm?
    Absolutely. URE students are a great resource for any firm dealing in real estate that is looking for part time help. Internships give students a chance to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real world business dealings. For more information about URE students interested in interning, please contact Rachel Allen, Director at