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Research and Faculty

Academy of Management Fellows

Professor David Harrison has been inducted into the AOM Fellows Group for his contributions to the science and practice of management.

Research and Faculty

Emerging Scholar Award

Assistant Professor Ram Ranganathan has been recognized as a technology and innovation management up-and-coming scholar.

Research and Faculty

Career Research Excellence Award

IROM Professor Andrew Whinston received the Career Research Excellence Award for his research in information systems and development of a new academic discipline. 

Research and Faculty

Career Achievement Award

Robert Prentice received the Distinguished Career Achievement Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Prentice is only the third person to receive the award since 2008.

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Latest News

Wall Street Journal |
July 4, 2016

New research shows that providers keep their own underperforming funds on the menu too long.


The Atlantic |
April 26, 2016

It's a paradox: Shouldn't the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?


Harvard Business Review |
April, 2016

Most consumers don't examine a company's ethical practices, and new research shows they actually look down on those who do.


Research and Insights from Texas Enterprise

Companies: Investors Are Counting (on) You - Lisa Koonce

When investors compare companies, they don’t always read financial reports. Instead, most just count how many times a firm beats or misses earnings forecasts. It’s new research from McCombs that can help predict how investor psychology affects stock prices.

Advertisers: Don't Ignore Your Unpaid Competition - Ashish Agarwal

Search engine advertising is a $70 billion industry, but whether a person clicks an ad or buys a product depends heavily on organic search results. New research shows factoring in that competition can improve ad spend by 6 percent.

Linguistic Cues in Annual Reports Signal Aggressive Tax Avoidance - Lillian Mills

Language matters: Research shows negative words used in annual reports predict which firms use tax aggressive strategies to free up cash.

Spotlight Publications

Hammond, Emily; Spence, David B. Vanderbilt Law Review. Jan 2016, Vol. 69 Issue 1, p141-216.

Umashankar, Nita; Srinivasan, Raji; Parker, Jeffrey R. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice. Winter 2016, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p1-22.

Agarwal, Ashish; Hosanagar, Kartik; Smith, Michael D. Information Systems Research. Dec2015, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p695-713.