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  • Vijay Mahajan
    Vijay Mahajan
    New research by Professor Vijay Mahajan explains why family-owned businesses outperform non-family businesses during a recession.

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The University of Texas prides itself on its faculty’s high caliber of research in every field. In the last two years, UT directed $1.1 billion toward sponsored research. The McCombs School of Business upholds the high standards of the university every year with faculty members receiving prestigious awards within their fields. Faculty members often collaborate with companies and fellow scholars, both local and international.

McCombs Research in the News

Washington Post | April 11, 2014

GM’s massive recall has prompted a national discussion about safety and corporate responsibility. Dr. Ethan Burris suggests that companies like GM develop a system for evaluating employees’ recommendations or risk decision paralysis.


Texas Public Radio | April 8, 2014

In an interview with NPR, Dr. Emily Amanatullah explains why women are good negotiators – but how they’re perceived depends on whom they’re negotiating for. 

The Wall Street Journal | Apr. 4, 2014

Dr. Laura Starks is part of an expert committee of financial analysts convened by the Norwegian government to assess if and how the country should divest its interests in oil and natural gas in order to help combat climate change.


Austin American-Statesman | April 3, 2014

In the latest video in the Statesman Shots series, editors talk to happiness expert Dr. Raj Raghunathan about what makes us happy and how our choices either do or do not enhance that.


UT Dallas | March 3, 2014

McCombs' faculty productivity ranking rises to fifth among business schools worldwide.