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How do smartphones and the internet affect our thoughts and judgments?

Weak internal controls in financial reporting are linked to a higher rate of undisclosed accounting fraud.

Simply having your smartphone nearby can reduce brain power.

The simple act of taking a photograph of something first can help people declutter.

How should companies target consumers in emerging markets?

Wind and natural gas are the cheapest power sources in much of the U.S.

How social activists disrupt corporate political activity.

Research shows women supply skills that are missing to corporate boards.

Professor David Spence shares his thoughts about natural gas in America's power grid.

Just because you think your company’s aims are best served by violating the policy on sharing passwords does not mean the higher-ups will see it that way.

New research from Assistant Professor Jaime Schmidt reveals a link between the presence of explanatory language in an audit report and misstatement risk, but investors have to pay attention first.

If a firm faces troubled times during a stable market, strong advertising can carry it through. But when the market is turbulent, a firm's Research and Development is more likely to help save it from bankruptcy.

Assistant Professor Naveed Chehrazi has developed a way for banks to accurately predict which cardholders are most likely to pay up — and how much. 

Professor Emily Amanatullah discusses Reddit CEO's move to end sexism in tech.

Professor Clemens Sialm makes the case for behaving rationally when it comes to investing.

Management Lecturer Dennis Passovoy says Netflix’s unique corporate culture is a reflection of the executives they hire.

Professor Vijay Mahajan explains why connecting to rural consumers worldwide is essential for corporate success and survival.

Assistant Professor Emily Amanatullah reveals the latent gender biases in society and the workplace that contribute to the wage gap.

Finance Professor Ehud Ronn explains to NPR why the financial markets appear to be betting on Keystone XL.

Professor Raj Raghunathan extols the personal and societal benefits of promoting the pursuit of happiness.

Associate Professor Melissa Graebner encourages parents and toy-makers to aim for girls' toys that encourage entrepreneurship without the typical gender stereotypes.

Professor Julie Irwin discusses the ethical dangers that can arise from unwavering loyalty to a corporate leader.

Assistant Professor Ethan Burris explains why some managers promote employee voice in decision-making while others stifle it.

Assistant Professor Emily Amanatullah responds to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s comment that women shouldn’t ask for raises.

Research by Dr. Shuping Chen reveals that a lack of questions following an earnings conference call can significantly hurt a company’s stock price.

Professor Ehud Ronn discusses the importance of multilateral sanctions against the Islamic State.