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McCombs School Behavioral Research Laboratory

The McCombs School Behavioral Research Laboratory is designed to facilitate leading-edge research on issues that affect individual or organizational performance. It is available to all McCombs School faculty members and Ph.D. students. The laboratory consists of two major areas:

  • One large room with one-way mirror viewing and recording capabilities that can be configured in multiple ways
  • One room containing 12 state-of-the art networked workstations

Further information on the facility and equipment is located on the Facilities Description page.

The day-to-day operations of the Behavioral Research Laboratory are managed by an administrative staff member. Laboratory usage policies and procedures are the responsibility of the Behavioral Research Laboratory Committee. These policies and procedures are located on the Application Information page. Please follow those policies and procedures when reserving and utilizing the laboratory facilities.

For additional information about the Behavioral Research Laboratory, please either email Steven Kachelmeier, phone him at 512-471-3517 or email Behavioral Lab Reservations.

Behavioral Laboratory location

CBA 6.497, CBA 6.499, and CBA 6.402
McCombs School of Business
University of Texas at Austin
2110 Speedway Austin, TX 78712-1170

Page last updated: 1/22/2018