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Hallway Digital Displays

The McCombs School of Business Digital Displays are a collection of HD video screens placed throughout the McCombs' complex of buildings. They are a free resource for MSB students, faculty, staff and departments for announcements and advertising. Individuals or departments outside of the McCombs School may contact Media Services for information on posting to the displays.

Slide Creation and Submission Instructions

McCombs Hallway Digital Displays

  • To begin, please download and open the Digital Display Template file in Microsoft PowerPoint and add your text and images to it directly. You may add any design elements (such as logos and images) that you feel are appropriate but keep in mind that the slide must be approved before it will be displayed.
  • The Digital Display messaging service is available for advertising all UT-related events, information and groups. Advertisements for private companies will not be accepted.
  • Do not use other PowerPoint templates in the design of your slide. The template above has been sized to fit the message monitors exactly and it will give you an accurate representation of how your slide will look on the screens.
  • Remember to add the Date, Time, Location, Directions, etc. (as needed) to your slide to effectively advertise your event or announcement.
  • Please limit your font use to common cross-platform fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. If our machines don't have the fonts that you have used in your presentation, your text will default to Arial and not look anything like what you designed.
    The McCombs' brand guidelines specify the Benton Sans and GT Sectra fonts for school communications. If you do not have these fonts use Open Sans or Arial for Benton Sans. Most computers already have Arial, and Open Sans can be downloaded for free via Google Fonts. For GT Sectra, use Charis SIL or Georgia. Both of these are freely available online.
    If your design includes an exotic font, please create a high resolution .JPG image of your completed slide (File/Save As Pictures) and email that image for approval and posting.
  • Please do not incorporate motion and transitions in your slides as they will not be transferred to the final screen presentation.
  • Keep in mind that viewers will only have 15 to 20 seconds to read your slide so make it eye-catching, short and simple.
  • Please limit your slides to 1 per event. For special events that require more than one slide, please contact Media Services for approval.
  • Please note that all slides will be removed after the event or announcement has expired. Slides without obvious expiration dates will be removed at the end of each semester, or earlier as needed.
  • After you have created your slide, please submit the PowerPoint file (or image) by email to Media Services for approval.

Departmental Digital Displays

  • Various McCombs departments have video monitors in their offices and hallways dedicated to individual departmental content.
  • To post slides on these monitors, please contact the individual departments for information and policies.