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Facebook Timeline

The Facebook timeline is an online scrapbook. Everything you post on your page is added to your timeline, meaning it's very important! Timeline is the face of your department or program, and tells the public its story through posts about events, news and achievements over time. Your audience wants to know your story and be part of the vast McCombs community. McCombs has a rich past and exciting present. Why not show it off?

Add Events to Your Timeline

  • When building your timeline, add significant dates and events, such as the founding of your department, graduating classes for each year, top rankings, awards, etc.
  • Click the small calendar icon above the Status box that reads "Event, Milestone +"
  • You'll be given three choices to: create an Event, add a Milestone, or ask a Question.
  • Add your milestones first! It's important to have a page already full of content before you begin trying to court your audience.

Add a Milestone

  • To create a milestone just enter the information into the pop-up box and add a picture either from your computer or from your pre-existing Facebook photo albums.
  • Make sure to offer a little bit of a story to your milestones (in the handy box called Story). What kinds of things would you like to read? Ex. "After 25 years as a sub-department, the Finance department finally went independent! It's now a new department with Chair Bob Loblaw setting the tone for the next eight years."
  • When you're done adding all the info, dates and images, just click Save and Facebook will add it to your timeline.
  • It's good to add every past milestone you can, and continue adding them as your program grows.

Highlight and Pin Important Posts

If you get a lot of traffic on your page (that's the goal, right?) and have an upcoming event that's still a way off, you'll want to use the pinning or highlighting features.
  • As you'll see, Timeline is two columns of information with the latest update in the upper left-hand corner. That works well for daily posts but if you really want your users to focus on an event you can either highlight it or pin it to the top of your page.

Pin to Top

  • Write a post like you normally would and click Post. Then hover your mouse in the upper right-hand corner of the post box and you'll see two icons pop up: a pencil and a star. Click the pencil icon and select “Pin to Top." That will ensure this particular post appears above all others.

Highlight the Post

  • The other great way to attract special attention to an important post is highlighting. Just hover your mouse in the upper right-hand corner of an already posted update, then click the star icon. Your post will now span both columns making it VERY prominent on your page. Neat!
  • You'll be doing most of your regular Facebook posting from Spredfast, but it's always good to know your Timeline and use these tools to emphasize specific campaigns.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013