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Twitter is by far the most fast-paced, public social media platform available. These days having a Twitter feed is a marketing fundamental, but it's also really fun! Follow these steps to ensure you get the hang of this extraordinarily useful tool.

Setting Up Your Account

  • Go to
  • Create an account with your site’s full name and a valid email address
  • Twitter will take you through several instructional steps, detailing how to follow other users and how to compose tweets. [I'm not sure which guide Paul had in mind for our users]

Tips for Getting Started

  • Look up other business schools, programs and scholars on Twitter and begin following them, or search for them later using the search bar on your homepage.
  • Finding other accounts you want to associate with does not have to happen through Twitter alone. Whenever you find a website that you think contains content worth following, look for a blue square with a white “t”. Clicking it will automatically subscribe you to their Twitter as long as you are logged in (if not, you will be prompted to log in). 
  • You'll often find articles online that are marked by the same blue button. When clicked, a tweet with links and information about the article will be automatically composed in a new window, which you can consequently edit and send to your followers.

Page last updated: 11/4/2014