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Retweets (RT)

A retweet is simply a tweet of someone else’s that you share with your followers. These tweets should be related to your program, events or overall goals. Retweeting random info isn’t nearly as useful as retweeting informative or funny things. Also, rewteeting and replying to celebrities, valued news sources, or organizations with a large following, is a great way to increase your visibility.

To do so:

  • Move your cursor over a tweet.
  • Click the Retweet link that appears
  • A pop-up will show you the tweet you're about to retweet.
  • Click the blue Retweet button.
  • The tweet will then be shared with your followers.

Retweets and Replies

Replies come in two forms:

  • @replies are public messages sent from user to user about a tweet
  • Direct messages are personal communications from user to user. Direct messages can only be traded between users that follow one another.

Retweeting and replying are integral to a Twitter account’s success. Retweets are in fact the glue that links your site’s presence to blogs and other sites you find important, and puts your followers in touch with content they perhaps have not come across.

Retweet Frequency

Generally, retweet anything you find of interest that also relates to your site’s online identity.  Don’t worry about sharing too much. Twitter is ruled by a constant stream of content, so the more you retweet, the better your chances are of building a lively and versatile network of information sharing.

Spredfast will allow you to set up different feeds so you can see everything in one place. That way finding and replying is easier than ever!

Page last updated: 5/16/2013