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Technology@McCombs | Web Team

Tweet Frequency

You should tweet at least once a day. Active users will typically update at least once every hour, if not more, to keep their presence evolving and attract and maintain followers.

We strongly suggest that you use Spredfast to time-release your tweets. Spredfast allows you to write multiple tweets at once, and then posts them to Twitter for you. That way you don't have to worry about remembering to log on to Twitter all day, every day. Pretty neat, huh?

  1. **Important Note** Tweets are, by default, public, meaning that everyone can access your tweets, even if they are not on Twitter.  This also means that every tweet you create will automatically be sent to all of your followers.
  2. You can choose to limit access to your account by going into Your Profile, clicking Account on the right hand column, and checking the Protect My Tweets box.  This means that you will have the power to approve each of your followers, and that your tweets will only be visible to this select group.

Protect My Tweets is not a recommended setting for accounts looking to build an online presence for a site. At McCombs we want open Twitter pages that spread awareness of our brand and news to students, alumni, recruiters and staff.