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Tweet Topics

Updates that relate to individual or organizational achievements (books and articles published, jobs secured, initiatives created and achieved) within the school should definitely be tweeted.  News and trends in business which often appear on Texas Enterprise or similar sites are also worth tweeting.

  • Remember: tweets are short (140 characters), and usually contain links to other user’s tweets, photographs, or content located outside of Twitter.
  • Tweets need to be very concisely contextualized with a single line of description.
  • Tweeting about other users to follow (#FF - AKA: Follow Friday, a hashtag used by millions) is a great way to show appreciation and increase your own followers.
  • Setting up consistent tweet schedules is another way to expand your followers list. Give other users a great reason to tune in to you specifically! "Funny Friday (jokes each Friday)," "Money Matters Monday (stock market news)," "Wild Card Wednesday. (who knows)." Make something up!
  • These can be easily scheduled using our friend Spredfast at the beginning of each month. That way you won't have to think about them constantly.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013