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Your Unique Social Media Voice

Find Your Voice

As a creator of content shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll want to establish a distinct voice early on. The importance of a unique identity cannot be overemphasized. It will determine how many followers you attract and the strength of your network. Succeeding through social media depends upon how well you can construct an identity that engages your audience.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter provide a forum for professionals to use a more casual tone. Collecting friends and followers on both requires that your voice be very friendly and entertaining while also providing useful, updated information.


Because it’s a less public, less casual and more career-oriented site, your presence on LinkedIn should reflect its professional aspects. Provide only information relevant to employers, other schools and programs, or fellow colleagues.

Be Indespensable

You’ll want to clearly identify your site’s values, strengths and positions to make sure they’re reflected in each post or tweet. Consistently make note of stories and ideas that occur within McCombs. Use those as hooks for getting your messages across while reminding your visitors what the school and its website do and provide. Make your social media presence a constantly updated, valuable resource that followers genuinely want access to.

Page last updated: 9/24/2014