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Sitecore Training Videos

Sitecore is for EVERYONE!

You do not need to be a computer genius to understand this training

If you have any points of confusion please refer to our helpful dictionary of terms.

Welcome to the Sitecore Training Series

We have created the following pages and videos to help you navigate your way through the Sitecore system. There are helpful tips, step by step basics of content creation, and answers to some of the most frequent troubles that arise in your building process. We have tried to make this guide very direct and simple. We appreciate any feedback in an effort to make it even better.

Remember, Sitecore is Fun!

Sitecore isn't supposed to be scary. We promise that if you stick with it and explore all of the possibilities Sitecore has to offer, you will be building beautiful, unique and dynamic webpages in no time. The more you play around with all the Sitecore tools, the more savvy you will become, and the better your pages will be.

Sitecore Help is Still Available!

Don't worry, we haven't abandoned you. In fact, we will be opening our arms and our brains to you with biweekly drop-in training sessions every Monday and Tuesday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. in CBA 1.324. Come by and see us! We also offer training intensives for individuals and departments. And if things are still confusing, we're always just a few clicks away.

These videos are educational, straightforward, entertaining and yes, very very cute.

Click on the videos along the left side of the page and ENJOY!

 Kitten on it's back