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Newsfeed provides an organized way to post and link to snippets from articles on your webpage. Preview a live example.

  • Do not add videos or pictures in the synopsis; it will make your page look cluttered.
  • Portrait images must be 88px width and 125px height.
  • Landscape images must be 125px width and 88px height.
  • Newsfeed does not work in tabs and has an article limit of five.

Walk Through

Creating a Newsfeed Add-On

  • If you don’t already have an active Add-Ons folder for your page you will need to create one.
  • Right-click on your Add-ons folder and click Insert.
  • A pop up menu will appear find the Newsfeed Content option in the list. Click it.
    newsfeed screenshot
  • A dialog window will pop up asking you to name your newsfeed content. Name it something that makes sense for the content you will be including on the page.
  • After you’re done naming your Newsfeed, click OK.
  • A new item will now appear underneath the Add-Ons folder. This acts as a folder for all of your news articles.

Adding Individual Articles

  • Right-click the Newsfeed folder you created. Click Insert, then click Newsfeed.
    Newsfeed Screenshot
  • A pop-up window will appear asking you to name your individual Newsfeed item.
  • Name it something related to the article you will be posting and make sure each article has a unique page name.
  • After naming it, click OK and it will appear beneath your Newsfeed Content page.
  • Click on your new article title and you will see a fresh group of fields on the right hand side in the content loading dock. This is where you will provide the content.
  • Make sure you lock this page to begin editing.

Inserting Content in Individual Articles

  • First, you will need to enter your article title. Make sure it is very descriptive.
  • Next, you will need to link to the article you want to highlight in your newsfeed. Locate Title Link.
    Newsfeed Screenshot
  • If you are linking internally (within the McCombs website), use the Insert Link option above the Title Link field, then find the appropriate page in the content tree. 
  • If you are linking externally (outside of the McCombs website), use the Insert External Link option. You will be prompted to enter the url in the appropriate field. Also, be sure Active browser is selected under Target Window.

Image Options

  • You have the option of pairing your article link with an image of your choice.
  • If you would like to include an image to accompany the article you are linking to, you have two options: portrait and landscape.
  • To upload your image, click the Browse button over the Thumbnail field.
  • The Media Browser will open.
  • On the left hand side you will see the media content tree. Locate your image file, click it and then click OK.
  • You will be redirected back to the content loading dock.
  • Portrait images will appear as 88 pixel width and 125 pixel height.
    Newsfeed Screenshot 
  • Here is how a portrait image looks on your newsfeed: Newsfeed Screenshot
  • Landscape images will appear 125 pixel width and 88 pixel height.
  • If you would like your image to be landscape, check the box listed Landscape Thumbnail because Portrait is the default option.
    Newsfeed Screenshot
  • Here is how a landscape image looks on your newsfeed: Newsfeed screenshot
  • Keep in mind, you MUST size the images to the proper dimensions using an external editor before uploading them into the media tree. If you need a refresher on uploading images or editing images, please see the corresponding videos in our training pages.
  • If you do not want to upload an image, the image will default to the McCombs Logo.
  • Next you will need a brief synopsis of your article to entice readers to read more.
  • Best practice is to keep the synopsis between 140-200 characters, like a tweet.
  • Insert your synopsis and click SAVE! You have created the first article. Newsfeed Screenshot
  • If you would like to add more articles to your page, simply repeat the above steps starting from the Newsfeed Content folder.
  • Newsfeed does not work in tabs and has an article limit of five. The limit can be changed with administrative permission. Contact the Web Team for more information.

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I love posting articles! Is it unlimited?
You can have more than five articles loaded into your Newsfeed, but the five most recent will be the ones displayed. If you would like to display more than five at a single time, contact the Web Team.

Does Newsfeed work in Tabs?
It does not work in Tabs.

Can I post a whole article in the Newsfeed?
Yes, if it is a short article. Anything longer than three paragraphs should be linked to the original location on the Web.

Best Practices

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  • If you are including an image, be sure to make it the appropriate size (88 px width and 125 px height for portrait and 125 px width and 88 px height for landscape) to avoid distorted images.
  • Make your synopsis easy to read. Try to limit your content to 140-200 characters, like a tweet.
  • To keep your Newsfeed content better organized, feel free to name each additional Newsfeed differently.