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Making Widgets

The Widget Column creates a new column to the right of your page where you can embed an RSS feed. Use this when you want to add news feeds or calendar updates into your page build.

Helpful Tips!

  • RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Basic meaning: news feeds.
  • Only one Add-Ons folder per page. Load it up!
  • Widgets can give your page daily content updates.
  • Too many widgets can look overwhelming; use them wisely.

Walk Through and Jump to Points in Video

 Making Widgets!

  • If you don’t already have an active Add-Ons folder for your page you will need to create one.
  • Right click your Add-Ons folder and select Insert.
  • Click Widget Column.

Selecting Widget Column Add-on

  • You will be prompted to name your widget folder, name it something useful and obvious.
  • You will now see the widget folder appear in your content tree.
  • To the right, the Loading Dock will bring up a navigation bar but we will ignore that for now.
  • Instead, let’s make a widget for the Widget Column.
  • Move your cursor to your widget folder.
  • Right-click it and a menu of options will pop up.
  • Click Insert.
  • You are now presented with two widget options: RSS Widget and Calendar RSS Widget.

Adding an RSS Widget

  • RSS Widget

  • Click RSS Widget to create a widget that will embed news and/or blog posts into your page.
  • You will prompted to name your widget.
  • We suggest naming it after whatever news feed you will be using so you know what it is later if you need to edit or update this widget.
  • Enter the name in the dialog window.
  • Click OK.
  • You will see two editable fields under RSS display.
  • Lock your page and move to the RSS Feed Field.
  • Click this field and you will see the available blogs tree.

 Add RSS Feed to widget

  • Locate the RSS feed you want embedded in your site and click it.
  • Now move to the Items to display field.
  • Click this field and you will be presented with a list of numbers.
  • Choose the number of posts you would like to see visible on your page.
  • Keep in mind, having too many posts on your page can make it looked cluttered.
  • Now that you have made your choice, click Save.

Calendar Widget

  • News and blog feeds are just one of the options for widgets in your widget column.
  • You may also choose to embed a calendar feed.
  • This will not look like a calendar but will be a feed of upcoming important dates.
  • To embed a calendar RSS widget return to your widget folder.
  • Right-click on your page. Click Insert and then click Calendar RSS Widget.

Insert Calendar RSS Widget

  • You will be prompted to name your widget.
  • Naming it after the calendar you will be using might be a clever idea.
  • Once you have named it, click OK.
  • Your widget will appear on the left-hand side in the Content Tree and your Content Loading Dock will have two fields available for editing.
  • Lock your page and then click on the RSS Feed field.
  • The calendars tree will now be visible.

Add Calendar RSS feed to widget

  • Locate the calendar you wish to use on your site and click it.
  • Now click the Items to Display field and choose the number of posts you wish to be visible on your page.
  • Save your work.

Look at what You've Done!

  • You can now go to your parent folder and preview what you have made.

Finished RSS Widget

  • Always check how your widgets look on your site before publishing.
  • Even the most well intended widgets if overused, can make your site look like a train wreck.
  • Remember it is your responsibility to make it look pretty.

Angry tiny dog


I want an RSS feed that isn't available, what do I do?Confused Kitten

Contact us and we will set it up for you.

The RSS feed is too big and it is overwhelming my page. Can you make it smaller?

No, it is the size it is, as far as width goes. If it is too much for the general aesthetic of your page, you can select fewer posts to be shown or you can delete the widget all together. You don't need to have one.

Can I just update the calendar RSS myself?

Not yet, we currently make al the updates to the calendars but if you need to add or delete something you can contact us.

Best Practices

  • Winning Guinea PigDon't over use the RSS feeds.
  • Make sure your RSS feed is related to the content of your page.
  • If using more than one RSS feed in a page make sure that they are only displaying 1-3 posts so as not to clutter your page.
  • Widgets and Secondary content in the same page can look cluttered, preview your parent page to make sure the content doesn't look excessive.
  • Use trusted RSS feeds, users will quickly navigate away if your source material is incorrect or out of date.
  • Widgets will create a feed of information that updates frequently, they are great way to keep your page looking up to date and to keep users coming back regularly.
  • Don't let the widget be the most engaging part of your content. You are the expert, the widget should support your expertise and content.