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Upload to Calendar

Add Date/Event directly to calendar in the tree

  1. Go to Sitecore, and look at the tree in content editor.
  2. Expand Home and go to “McCombs Calendars”
  3. Under McCombs Calendars expand your calendar of interest
  4. After expanding your calendar of interest:
  5. -          If the year of your event is not displayed, right click the respective calendar, select insert and year

    -          If the month of your event is not displayed, right click the corresponding year of your event, select insert and month. Please add the numerical value of the month, not the name. For example, you would add “03” instead of March or “11” instead of November.

    -          If the day is not displayed under the month of interest for your event, right click the corresponding month, select insert and date. This can be a value between 01 – 31 corresponding to the date of your event.  For single values, please use a “00” formatting. For an event on the first for example, you would add it as “01” instead of “1.”

  6.  If the year, month, and date are already present for your event, right click the date, select insert and then click event. Proceed to give the event a name.
  7. You may add a title with a short and/or long description of the event. Along with a start and end time, please try and provide a location if possible. To finish, click save.

For Events that Run the Full Day: You may check off “Full Day” at the bottom (below location) instead of adding a time.

Page last updated: 3/24/2014