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Navigation Fields

Please familiarize yourself with the left hand Navigation column on the live site. It is a series of page titles in a list to the left of the page.

The navigation section of the loading dock is where you can adjust what and how things are viewed in this column.

What Navigation can do for you!

  • Adjusting Navigation can make your page look cleaner.
  • Navigation can create the feel of your page being its own unique site.
  • Navigation can help you create private pages only available to specific users.

Walk Through and Jump to Points in Video

The Navigation Fields.

  • This part is very important because it helps you keep a page clean and streamlined.

Sitecore Navigation Options

Remove from Navigation.

  •  If you choose this option, your page will no longer show up in the left-hand navigation on the live site.
  • This doesn’t affect your page and you can still easily be linked to.
  • It just cleans up the parent page so that the left hand navigation doesn’t become cluttered and overwhelming.
  • Sitecore will automatically make the Navigation Title visible; you must click Remove From Navigation to remove it from view on the live site.

 Remove from Sitemap.

  • By clicking here you will remove the page from the sitemap and it will not be able to be found through search.
  • You will not see the page in the left hand navigation on the parent page, either.
  • This is great for any specific information, links, or email addresses that you don’t want people being able to randomly search through the site to find.
  • It does not make the page disappear; it still exists and can easily be internally linked to.
  • For instance, if you had a competition that was specifically for your classes, you wouldn't want everyone to see the competition page.
  • By removing it from the sitemap you can still create the page for the competition but only share it with your students.

 Top Level Navigation.

  • This is very helpful for cleaning up the aesthetic of your page.
  • By clicking here the page you are creating becomes the primary information shared in the left hand navigation.
  • Instead of filling up the left hand navigation with all of the parent page information, you can be more concise.
  • Clicking here will only show the content navigation titles specifically related to the page.


  • Analytics is a very useful tool for figuring out who sees your site, how they come to your site, and how they use your site.
  • Analytics however requires a bit more explanation and set up to function.
  • A specific video for using Analytics properly will be available to you.


Confused KittenThere are too many things in my left hand navigation!! How do I make it look cleaner?

Use the Remove from Navigation option or the Top Level navigation option. The first will remove your page from the left and the second will make your page be the head title on your page's left hand navigation. Try it out, see what works for you and don't forget to Preview.

I can't see my page in the left hand navigation on the main page of my department! Why?

Make sure your individual page does not have the Remove from Navigation box checked. Keep in mind, if your page is nested inside of another page other than the department page, that nested page will not show up on the main page but it will show up on the parent page.

Best Practices


  • Winning Guinea PigWhen creating multiple pages with redundant content, like class pages, make sure you remove them from navigation.
  • To make your page look individual, as if it exists independently of the overall site, use Top Level Navigation.
  • Top Level Navigation is most useful for parent pages with several sub pages underneath. Do not make every page its own Top Level Navigation.
  • Very few things need to be removed from Sitemap. This is best used for specific marketing like events or pages created for specific selected users. You can share the URL with the elite few. It makes people feel special.