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What you put in the Titles fields

Using the Titles Fields correctly will make your site easier to navigate, increase its SEO and help you create a clear and concise page.
  • Make sure you remove the dashes between the words in your Titles fields.
  • Make sure your Titles are concise and specific to your page content.
  • Be creative and dynamic with your Metadata Description to pull in new users.

Walk Through and Jump to Points in Video

Here we'll work our way down through the Content Loading Dock.

Notes Field

  • At the top of the content loading dock column you will see Notes.

Sitecore Content Editor Notes Field

  • This is for interoffice communication and updates.
  • Anything entered into this field does not show up on the live site.

Titles Fields

  • The next field down is a section titled Titles.

Sitecore Editor Titles Field

  • When you create a page the page name requires dashes between words.
  • This is autofed into the fields for Page Title and Navigation Title.
  • Remove the dashes from these fields.
  • The Page Title is very important and serves as your Heading 1 (or H1).
  • H1 dominates the top of your page in large black font, tells search engines what the page is about, and helps visually impaired users navigate your page.
  • Always enter an H1 that is clear, concise and reflects your page content.
  • Navigation Title is the title that shows up in the left hand navigation on the live site.
  • Many of the McCombs sites have a list of pages and sub pages on the left side of the screen.
  • This is where you would see your Navigation Title appear.
  • Make sure the Navigation Title  is brief as well.
  • If it is too long it will cause the text to wrap and make the navigation look cluttered.
  • Next you have the Awesome Bar Title.
  • This is mostly used for marketing purposes.
  • It is for a tagline or brief snippet of verbiage.
  • If you don't know what exactly to put here, don't put anything.

Metadata Fields

  • Moving down the fields, we now come to the Metadata Title.

Sitecore Content Editor Metadata Fields

  • We suggest your Metadata Title be the same as your Page Title.
  • The Metadata Title is what shows up in the title bar when users are searching for your content.
  • Next are Metadata Keywords.
  • Here you can put a brief list of words that relate to your content.
  • This is not a place for sentences and make sure you separate your words with commas.
  • Finally you have Metadata Description.
  • This is very important and we will not publish pages without Metadata Descriptions.
  • Metadata Descriptions are 140 characters or less in length on average, and no more than 200 characters.
  • This is the description that shows up under your page in a search result.
  • Keep it clear and concise but also try to use language that entices readers to enter your page.

 Super cool Surfing Dog


Why won't you publish my page without a page title?!

Search engines and readers for the visually impaired need the page title to navigate your site and know what  it is about. If you don't put in a page title, the search engine crawlers (bots) will not be abe to figure out your site. You must appease the robots!Confused Kitten

Why won't you publish my page without a metadata description?

With Google's new algorithm, PANDA, the bots care more about how easy and entertaining your site is for users. Part of this is dependent on how you engage viewers through a search. Your page should be ranked with similarly useful content. Users are more likely to click on a page that engages them in that first two to three sentences found in the search results page.

Why can't I change my page title font or color?

Branding is all about continuity and we have spent a great deal of time creating the McCombs brand through this website. So, everyone's page has to look similar to fit into the overall look of what it means to be part of the McCombs site.

Best Practices

  • Make sure your page title is related to your page content. Winning Guinea Pig
  • Make all of your titles concise.
  • Use keywords in your titles to increase your searchability.
  • Always remove dashes between your words in the Titles Fields.
  • Make your Metadata Description fun and engaging.
  • Always check your spelling.