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Technology@McCombs | Web Team

How to Create and Edit Pages in Sitecore

Creating and editing pages can be simple and even fun, really.

Helpful Reminders!

  • Lock your page to edit
  • Use hyphens when creating a page name
  • Take out hyphens in Navigation Title and Page Title
  • Don't forget your Metadata Information

Creating Your Basic Page in 5 Easy Steps

Building the Page!

 dog in Construction outfit

Here we will utilize the riches of Sitecore.

  • The Content Editor has been designed to make loading content super easy for you.
    The Content Editor Loading Dock is where you will be providing your page’s substance.
  • The Content Tree is where you will find your department folder and sub-folders that you can create and edit.

First we must create a page to build in.

  • When building your pages you will need to locate the proper folder for you content build within the Content Tree.
  • The Content Tree reflects the basic build of the live site.
  • You should be able to easily locate your department or category within the content tree.
  • When you find your correct parent folder right-click it to create a new page.
  • A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Click Insert and then select your first option.
  • Depending on which category you are creating a page in, the name may change. It may say “About page”, it may say “BBA page” etc…
  • Click the one that has a page icon next to it, it will be the top choice.
  • When you click this, a dialog box will open asking you to name the page.
  • You will need to choose a page name that is very specific to the site content.
  • You will also need to make sure that the page name has a hyphen between the words.
  • Enter your Page Name with hyphens and click OK.

Now we can Create and Edit!

  • You will see a new page has popped up in the Content Tree.
  • Click on this page and you will see the title with hyphens pop up in the Content Loading Dock on the right side of the screen.
  • If you are not familiar with the purpose and function of these sections of the content loading dock, please see the overview videos.
  • For the editing process you will need to make sure your page is locked by clicking the lock and edit text at the top of your content loading dock.
  • First, change your Page Title to exclude the hyphens.
  • Adjust the Navigation Title.
  • Insert appropriate Metadata Tags.
  • Save after each of these.
  • Insert your Metadata Description text into the field.
  • Make sure it is very clear and descriptive with lots of active words.
  • You have 140-200 characters to entice people to look at your page.
  • Take a note from Cyrano, woo them with your words.


Now that you have done all of the set up, it's time to make some content!!