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Internet Explorer Configuration

Here we will configure your Internet Explorer for Sitecore to work effectively.

You will need:

    • To be using a PC
    • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
    • Adobe Flash player installed

Walk Through and Jump to points in Video

  • Close all windows, but only have one Internet Explorer window open.
  • Go to the Tools tab in your Internet Explorer menu bar and click it.
  • A list will pop up. At the bottom of this list is Internet Options. Scroll down and click it.

Internet Explorer Internet Options

  • A dialog box will pop up. Click on the Security tab.

Internet Explorer Security Tab 

  • Click on the Trusted Sites icon.

Internet Explorer Trusted Sites Icon

  • Beneath this you will see a little button that reads Sites, click it.Internet Explorer Sites Button


  • Now a new pop up window will show up, titled Trusted Sites.
  • Cut and paste “” to the blank space underneath “Add this website to the zone”. Click Add.

Internet Explorer Add Trusted Site

  • Make sure that the “Require server verification for all sites in this zone” is not checked. Then click Close.
  • You will be back to the Internet Options window.
  • Click Custom level... button in this window

Internet Explorer Custom Level

  • A pop up window titled Security Setting- Trusted Site Zones, with a long list of settings, will come up.
  • Scroll down until you reach the Miscellaneous section.
  • Under Miscellaneous there will be different options. One says “Use pop-up blocker.”
  • Click the little circle next to Disable, make sure it is filled in, then click OK.

 Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker

  • Your computer will ask you if you really want to do this. Reassure it by clicking Yes

IE Kitten Success 


Confused PuppyIf I disable the pop-up blocker does that mean I am going to constantly get pop-ups now?

No, you are only disabling the pop-up blocker for Sitecore. Your pop-up blocker will still be active for other sites.

Why do I have to use Internet Explorer (IE)?

The way Sitecore was built, it uses a very specific type of code that is only fully compatible with Internet Explorer. You can see Sitecore on other browsers and even use it to a certain extent, but some of the features will not work unless you are using IE.

Why can't I use my Mac?!

IE does not work on Macs. In the ongoing computer giant battles, IE was developed for PC and not for Macs. There are ways to run fake operating systems on your Mac to trick it, but why bother? You have access to plenty of great working PCs throughout the McCombs school.

Where can I find downloads for IE updates,  and Adobe Flash Player?

Right here!

Best practices

  • Winning Guinea PigAlways be certain you are the admin on the computer you will be configuring. 
  • Please make sure you configure every new computer you use.
  • It is imperative that these configurations are in place before using Sitecore.
  • The good news is, you only have to do it once for each computer.