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Introduction to The Media Library

  • Only upload files or images into your designated folder in the Media Library.
    • Document files are PDFs, Powerpoints, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.
    • Image files are jpegs, gifs, or pngs.
  • Use an external editor to resize your photos.
  • Always enter an Alt tag for your images.

Image Size Parameters

  • Inside content, no larger than 330px by 330px.
  • Rotating Header, exactly 980px by 300px.
  • Flavor Picker, exactly 600px by 300px.

Suggested File Sizes

  • Document files cannot exceed 40MB, but normally are no more than 15MB.
  • Image files should not exceed 600kB.

Walk Through and Jump to Points in Video

  • Before you begin to think about uploading files or images into the media library, you must make sure they are properly sized and formatted. 
  • On the left hand side of the page, you will see the media tree with the folder Media Library. Sitecore Media Library
  • Open this folder and you will see a list of sub-folders.
  • As you can see there is an images folder and a files folder.


  • First, we will upload a file into the Files Folder.
  • Open the files folder and find the correct sub-folder for your department to upload files into.
    Sitecore Media Tree Files Folder
  • Being specific about where you upload your file will help you locate it later for your site build.
  • To create a new folder for files, just right-click the parent folder (your department's folder) you want it to go into.
  • Select Insert and then Media Folder.

 Sitecore Insert Media Tree

  • Once you have located or created your folder, select the folder in the Media Tree.
  • You will see several options have appeared in the Media Loading Dock on the right-hand side of your screen.

Media Options

  • At the top there are a series of icons, you want to focus on the Upload icon.
  • Click the Upload icon and a pop up window will show up allowing you to browse through the files in your computer.
  • Find the file or files you wish to upload.

Uploading Media

  • Select them and then click Open.
  • You will now see your file has appeared in your folder.

Uploaded Media


  • Uploading images is a similar process.
  • First you must go to the Images folder in the Media Tree.

Sitecore Media Tree Images Folder

  • Find your specific department's folder.
  • You can load into that department folder or create a sub-folder to load your images into.
  • Select your folder and now move your cursor to the Media Loading Dock
  •  You will see the upload icon at the top left of the Media Loading Dock.
  • Click the Upload icon and a pop up window will allow you to browse through your computer to find the images. Sitecore Uploading Images
  • Select the image or images you want to use and then click Open.
  • You will notice the images now appear in your Media Loading Dock and have a red 1 warning symbol under each of them.

Sitecore Uploaded Images 

  • Click on the 1 warning in red and a series of fields will show up in your Media Loading Dock.

Sitecore Empty Alt Text

  • Find the "Alt" field and enter in a caption for your picture.
  • Click Save.
  • Alt tags are for visually impaired users, so they can understand what your image depicts.
  • Make sure you add Alt tags to each picture you upload.

Sitecore Alt Text

  • You will be able to find all of your images in the folder you created them in.

Success Squirrel

FAQ: What's the deal with this Media Library?!

What happens if I upload my pictures or files willy nilly in the Media Tree?

They are moved to the Bin of Doom and may be deleted. They still exist in the Image bin but not forever, so make sure you upload your images into their proper department or sub-department folder and the same thing goes for files.Confused Kitten

Where is my file/ image? I uploaded it and I can't find it!!

It is there, don't worry. In a lot of departments there are so many files or images uploaded in the folders, that whatever you uploaded is now somewhere in a whole list of other images or files. Just keep looking. Keep in mind, if you name your images or files appropriately, you can find them more easily. Don't upload it again!

What happens if I upload the wrong thing?

Don't worry, just select it, right click and choose Delete. Poof! It is gone!


Best Practices

  • Winning Guinea PigCreate a folder on your personal desktop to store all of the images and files you wish to use in your page build.
  • Size your images and files in an external editor, keeping in mind the strict parameters of Sitecore. 
  • Use images that relate to the content of your page.
  • Use SEO keywords in the Alt tags  you choose for your images.
  • If several images are for one particular page, make sure their sizes are uniform.
  • Load files at one time and add images at another, so that files go in the Files folder and images go in the Images folder.